Is The Moog Subharmonicon Synthesizer Finally Going To Be Available?

Over the weekend, several images have appeared on a variety of sites that appear to show an updated version of the Moog Subharmonicon.

The Subharmonicon was originally introduced as a limited run synth, only available to Engineering attendees at Moogfest 2018. It follow the popular Mother-32 format, working as a standalone synth or as part of a Eurorack system.

Moog says that the Subharmonicon is inspired by the Trautonium, the Rythmicon, and the Schillinger System. The describe the new synth as ‘a semi-modular harmonic kaleidoscope that divides into itself until everything that is up becomes down’.

No official announcement about a broader release has been made.

The photos, if legit, show a Subharmonicon with an updated layout, along with a black and white panel, matching Moog’s previously released Mother-32 and DFAM synths.

Here’s a look at the original panel:

For an example of the rare synth in action, see the loopop Subharmonicon review and demo.

Pricing and Availability

Information on pricing and availability an a general release of the Moog Subharmonicon is to be announced.

Photo: Zachary King (Atlas)

16 thoughts on “Is The Moog Subharmonicon Synthesizer Finally Going To Be Available?

  1. I always was interested in it. But the lack of demos online and info on it wasn’t enough for me to gas over it. I’d love to hear more of this

    1. Moog is a small company, and this photo shows that they’ve made some significant changes to the design and construction of the synth. That takes time. Heck, even a massive Chinese company like Behringer with thousands of employees takes years to develop synths.

  2. After releasing a firmware v2 for the Mother 32 out of the blue, everything is possible coming from Moog now. Can’t wait to follow this up!

  3. there is in my mind zero need for this kind of gear. i´d always prefer an access virus snow over this, soundwise.

    1. there has got to be an Access forum where you can post this BS instead of every single piece of analog gear shared here. it’s exhausting and unhelpful.

    2. there is in my mind zero need for any of this kind of post. i’d always prefer you go join an Access Virus forum where you can post this BS on every single thread.

  4. this is most likley when i’ll do the 3 tier Moog rack with DFAM M32 and SubH, will be beautiful…

    1. My thinking exactly. So then I’ll have a three tier rack and an empty two tier frame–wonder how long that will last…

  5. We’ll our local music shop 5min ago posted a video of new stock of Sub25 TOGETHER with subharmonicons! So some are actually in stock already

  6. I’ve been really hoping for this, although not desperate 😉 (so many fantastic synths around these days). But should it really become available I’ll do away with some of my gear (vintage stuff in there people) and add a 2-tier with a subharmonicon and M32 to my setup.

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