Subotnick Documentary Update

Director Robert Fantinatto (I Dream Of Wires) has shared an update and preview for Subotnick, his upcoming documentary on electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick.

“Subotnick is now in its final stages of editing,” says Fantinatto. “We have edited all of the individual scenes and are now in the process of putting them in order, both chronologically and thematically, it’s a daunting task considering the vast amount of footage we’ve got to work with and deciding what to not show has been the most difficult part of the task.

Fantinatto says that the film will cover three distinct timelines:

  • “NOW”: Covering the year over which the 50th anniversary of Silver Apples of the Moon was celebrated over the course of several live concerts and other events…along with the creation of a brand new work “Crowds and Power”.
  • “THEN”: A chronology of Mort’s life and career, beginning with a visit to the East Los Angeles neighbourhood where he grew up, Boyle Heights, a place he had not been to since his childhood. Some other highlights include a visit with modern dance legend Anna Halprin and Nonesuch Records founder Jac Holtzman, a reunion 50 years in the making.?
  • “IDEAS”: Explorations of many of Mort’s ideas and influences from Stoic Philosophy, Darwin and Marshall McLuhan, to his groundbreaking work in music education.

“We are aiming to have the film done by this Summer,” adds Fantinatto,  “And we sincerely hope that we will have an opportunity to meet some of you as we tour the theatrical cut of the film sometime in the near future.”

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  1. Subotnick. From Boyle Heights. I’d like to say something nice about the place, but I have been there.
    Last year, nearly six percent of the murders in Los Angeles took place in Boyle Heights.

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