Voltage Modular Gets Huge Update With Unlimited Patching And More


Cherry Audio has released a major update to Voltage Modular, its virtual Eurorack modular synthesizer platform.

Voltage Modular 2.0 is a free update, and the developers say that it “brings innovative new features, workflow improvements, and new sonic possibilities to the realm of software modular synthesis”.

Here are some of the highlights of Voltage Modular 2.0:

  • Unlimited cables per jack allows for endless modulation possibilities.
  • The new Busses feature offers a way to build complex patches and eliminate messy cables.
  • Variations offers unlimited variations per patch. Play variations individually, or use triggers or CV to move through variations in endless ways.
  • The IO Panel now includes an integrated Recording section, generating 32-bit floating point audio files, sourced from the IO Panel main left and right outputs.
  • Custom module categories and search terms
  • Optional auto-alignment of modules in cabinets.

In addition to the platform updates, there are new bundles and updates:

  • The Core modules have been updated and the Core package has been expanded.
  • The MS Vintage Bundle has also been expanded to include the new Poly VCO-20 Dual Oscillator and Poly VCF-20 Filter.
  • Misfit Audio’s Digi Drums bundle has been expanded with the new Digi Sample module.
  • Cherry Audio has introduced a new Vector Bundle, which includes the AirWave, Poly AirWave, AirVector, and AirStep modules, which combine the power of vector synthesis, sample playback, and wave sequencing with modular synthesis.
  • Cherry Audio’s new Vintage Voice Bundle features a new SynthVoice, SynthVoice Filter, DCO-60, VCF-60, and Chorus-60 modules.

Voltage also eliminated the limit on free modules, so commercial developers can now publish as many free modules they’d like.

See the Cherry Audio site for details.

6 thoughts on “Voltage Modular Gets Huge Update With Unlimited Patching And More

  1. It must be quite hard to sell this when VCV Rack is free….I am a Eurorack fan (500hp and counting!) and have a lot of ‘modular’ software, so I should be the target market for stuff like this I guess, but I just haven’t found anything I cant do with VCV Rack (especially for using it to drive my hardware). What am I missing, is there some major feature of VM that makes it worth paying for over VCV Rack?

    1. Well VCV Rack is not available yet as a plugin, so there is an obvious advantage to this product. But personally I find Reaktor Blocks a better alternative to both of them. I may reconsider when VCV is released as a plugin however, because the Mutable/Hetrick/Friedrichs stuff is all pretty equal to the good bits in Reaktor.

    2. It’s so much easier to develop for cherry VM, with integrated Java environment. Not a great dev tool, but super easy to debug in the intended context, and to publish new modules.
      I couldn’t be bothered to run the installation course for VCV, sry I’m lazy.

      – It’s a bit annoying to pay 100 bucks for the privilege of producing free modules.
      Glad they removed the limit on free modules, I’m embarrassed to charge min price $10 for some simple utility.

      There are social effects of any module policy:
      With VCV free modules there’s less quality control.
      In cherryVM environment they check each module before you can publish. Then you need to publish updates and do price campaigns to stay near top of the default listing. It’s generally a monetized system.
      Both policies encourage everybody to spam out microvariations of the same functions to get attention.

      Interesting to see which one survives.
      The longevity of both my modules and user patches is much more fragile in the locked-in systems.

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