Free ‘Pyjama Cookbook’ Features Dave Smith’s Margarita, Suzanne Ciani’s Special Sunday Dinner

KORG Germany’s Tatsuya ‘Tats’ Takahashi let us know that they’ve put together the The Pyjama Cookbook, a free cookbook that features favorite recipes from an all-star group of synthesists and synth designers.

The cookbook features Dave Smith’s Margarita recipe; Dorian Concept‘s recipe for Potato Sterz;  Suzanne Ciani‘s recipe for a special Sunday dinner – Pasta Alla Genovese; synth designer Mark Verbos‘s recipe for Carnitas Tacos; and many others.

Here’s what Takahashi had to say about it:

“KORG Germany is still in its embryonic state and there is still much to do before we are up and running, but I’m reaching out because the first thing thing we’re releasing is not a synth or any kind of electronics at all,  but The Pyjama Cookbook – a free digital cookbook full of recipes submitted by the KORG Germany team and friends in the music/synth world, with the aim of connecting and lifting spirits during these bizarre times.”

He adds, “It’s also just for laughs. Have fun.”

Dave Smith enjoys a margarita. He’s been working on a new Sequential synthesizer that “sounds great!”

They had us at “Dave Smith’s Margarita Recipe”, but the cookbook is full of new recipes to try, along with updates from many of the contributors on how they are adapting to living and working in a pandemic.

Contributors include:

Alison Tavel
Alva Noto
Carys Huws
Dave Smith (Sequential)
Dorian Concept
Fumio Mieda (Korg)
Girts Ozolins (Erica Synth)
Gudrun Gut
Interstellar Funk
Lydia Glup
Marco Passerani
Mark Verbos (Verbos Electronics)
Matias Aguayo
Maximilian Rest
Morton Sobotnik & Joan La Barbara
Peter Kirn
Piotr Raczynski (Polyend)
Solitary Dancer
Suzanne Ciani
Tatsuya Takahashi
Thomas Fehlman
Václav Peloušek (BASTL)
Verena Glup

The Pyjama Cookbook is available now as a free download (no registration required) from Korg Germany.

8 thoughts on “Free ‘Pyjama Cookbook’ Features Dave Smith’s Margarita, Suzanne Ciani’s Special Sunday Dinner

    1. Uli’s company is based in the Philippines, so he probably whipped up a traditional plate of Lechon – roasted suckling pig.

  1. What a fun cookbook by fascinating synth pioneers. Can’t help but try some of the groovy tastes. Ciani’s recipe is first on my list because only good things originate from her joyful self.

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