Modal Argon8 Gets Free Update That Adds Expanded Synthesis Options, Polyphonic Sequencing

Modal Electronics has released Argon8 Firmware v2.0, a free update that adds expanded synthesis options, a polyphonic sequencer and more.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Firmware v2.0 for ARGON8 delivers an improved overall Audio Output staging and advanced dynamics options. A new Gain Boost setting applies to all patches. It increases the average output level while expanding the range of the Patch Gain control to boost quiet patches, without introducing unwanted noise.
  • Long pads, drones and snappier percussion are easier to dial in with seven new envelope modes & three new curves.
  • A new polyphonic 64 step sequencer mode has been integrated into the 512 note real-time sequencer. It provides an eight note-per-step sequencer, to allow full step-by-step control of melodies and pattern ideas. It also features several Step Modes to unlock significant flexibility to trigger sequences in different ways suiting various setups and performance situations.
  • Musicians and sound designers with MPE controllers can now enjoy polyphonic expression with the Argon8’s wavetable synth engine.
  • Chord Inversions offer an intuitive and experimental way to deploy chord inversions and variations in real-time, enabling a huge array of options to explore and greatly simplify complex chord voicings.
  • New sound library that showcase many of the new firmware features.

Modal has also updated MODALapp, a free editor software available for macOS and Windows computers, as well as iOS, iPadOS and Android mobile devices. To edit and control ARGON8 models directly within a DAW application, AU and VST3 versions will be available, too.

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Argon8 Firmware v2.0 is available now as free download from the Modal site.

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