Expert Sleepers Disting EX Multifunction Eurorack Module In-Depth Demo

The latest loopop video takes an in-depth look at the Disting EX – the latest generation of Expert Sleepers‘ multi-function Eurorack module.

The Disting has long been a hard-to-explain but easy-to-appreciate Swiss Army Knife for Eurorack modular synthesizers. Now Expert Sleepers has taken the latest version of the Disting and packed two of them into a single 8hp Eurorack module.

Video Summary:

Disting MK4 is one of Eurorack’s most popular modules, and now, two of them have been fused together and improved in the form of Disting EX: a module from Expert Sleepers that can work in one of two modes – either Dual Mode – a bundle of two Disting MK4’s with a high res screen and a few improved features, and in Single Mode, where the entire set of jacks and controls serve a new set of algorithms that only exist on Disting EX, and can take advantage of a bigger canvas of six inputs instead of three, four outputs instead of two, four knobs instead of two, and additional expansion options using connectivity in the back.

Topics coverec:

0:00 Intro
0:35 What is Disting
2:15 Dual MK4 control
3:45 1+1 are more than 2
5:20 EX Overview
7:30 EX Algorithms
10:45 Using EX
13:40 Presets
14:00 Mappings
19:05 Auto-sample
22:25 Pros & cons

If you’ve used the Disting EX, share y0ur thoughts on it in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Expert Sleepers Disting EX Multifunction Eurorack Module In-Depth Demo

  1. Gaaaahhh! I want one!!! but NO ONE seems to be carrying it! On either side of the pond! Everything is “pre-order” .. and I wonder how long the pre-order list is???

    1. Thanks to COVID-19, production’s slow, shipping is randomly slow and customs is slow… and demand is high.

      I ordered mine within 3 hours of the announcement, from Control who are normally super fast. It still took about 3 weeks because I was just a little too slow to get in on the first batch, and the second batch got held up in customs.

      I guess the silver lining is, the current 1.1.1 firmware has some fatal bugs in some algorithms (and doesn’t include the autosampling). By the time you get yours, there should be a new version.

  2. the lighted minijack connectors is really cool! great idea, i hope more devices will do something like that with their ports – for example led color on the port connector could indicate the in or out function mapping and even vary brightness to show the audio going, or clock blinky or cv range etc

    1. Until you use them and realize that Expert Sleepers jacks are the glitchiest on the market!
      The connector doesn’t even snap in, it just sort of rests loosely inside the connector…

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