Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer Review

In the latest Sonic State Sonic Lab, synth guru Nick Batt takes an in-depth look at the recently introduced Sequential Pro 3.

Sequential calls this the Pro 3 the best analog mono synth that they’ve ever made. It’s the spiritual successor to the classic Pro-One, but it expands on the original in about every way possible, while retaining the original’s beefy sound and hands-on tweakability.

Batt says it “sounds really good” – check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments!

22 thoughts on “Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer Review

  1. Wow, what a beautiful beast. Everything I learned once I got a big Korg workstation has gradually been farmed out to external gear like iPads, exotic pedals, my DAW & boggling modules. I sure understand GAS, but OTOH, with 2 or 3 instruments like this, you’re majorly covered. If the Pro 3 fit what I do, I’d be patching the crap out of it for a year.

      1. Hi Nick… I know the feeling… I always hit the wrong guitar pedal when I’m on lead vocals… I’m singing into the mic and looking at the audience while fumbling around with my foot trying to find the right switch 😎

      2. By the way; have you made a video on Synth-speakers?
        I really need some tips on what to buy.
        And tips on how to best set up lots of synths for interface like UAD apollo quad.

  2. Obviously a magnificent synth. A different league to the original Pro1. I think Nick admires it rather than loves it?

  3. β€œIt sounds really good!”

    lol, so does my access virus snow, and its POLYPHONIC… which brings us to:

    > the best analog mono synth

    oxymoron alarm! in times of polyphonic virtual analog synths, there is no such thing as “a best analog mono synth”. EVERY analog mono synth is a loser imo.

    1. Never mind. If you could have created a sentence that actually contained an oxymoron we could have put more weight to your comments on the quality of the snow. Hint, virtual synths are not analogue. You can have a best analogue mono and a best VA- they are different things. The choice on what is best is another question and not one i worry about

    1. I have the Pro3 SE and the Rev2 16voice. I do love my Rev2, but I LOVE my Pro3. Pro3 is so much more now, it sounds not just good or nice: it sounds FANTASTIC!!! Paraphonic is a great system, has even some advantages over polyphonic imo…..

  4. Just got mine today after watching this video. I already have a Sequential Prophet XL, a Rev2, and an OB-6, so I knew to expect excellence, and after the first 3 hours, I’m blown away. Fantastic sounding synth and yes, it is totally different from the others. Excuse me, have to go play…

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