Moog Subharmonicon Extended Audio Demo

This video, via Morning Strategy, offers an extended audio demo of the Moog Subharmonicon.

The Subharmonicon is the latest of Moog’s production Eurorack format synthesizers. It’s the most experimental of their three Eurorack synths, designed to let users work with subharmonics and polyrhythms.

The video documents 10 patches with the Subharmonicon. Patch timing is included on screen and below.

1-1 0:00
2-2 6:30
3-3 18:54
3-4 21:28
1-5 27:01
4-6 39:25
1-7 45:40
5-8 50:35
6-9 54:31
7-10 56:34

They note, “These first patches were my attempt to understand the synth’s quirks and special places.”

Technical details: Effects added include Ableton Echo (delay), Audio Damage Eos2 (reverb) and Klevgrand Grand Finale (master bus).

6 thoughts on “Moog Subharmonicon Extended Audio Demo

  1. it’s a chord machine, and with all three you have melody (M32) harmony (SubH) and rhythm (DFAM) very cool trifecta from Moog.

  2. I get a sense of real discovery with this. It’s like no one has fully figured it out yet. I want this machine so much!

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