Live Performance With Elektron Analog Four, Octatrack & Digitone

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live multimedia performance by synthesist and synth blogger Mark Mosher, featuring Elektron Analog Four, Octatrack & Digitone.

Here’s what Mosher has to say about the performance:

“The performance is a combination of live arrangement and live playing that features original electronic music with real-time visuals. This stream was also part of the Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology meetup event from the same day. More live streams are coming, so Subscribe to get notified.


All music and sound is from Elektron Analog Four MKI, Octatrack MKII, and Digitone. The machines are not synced. I mostly play directly from the machines, but also play notes on the Analog Four via the Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 and on the Digitone via the Launchpad Pro MK3.

I also use the Launchkey Mini MK3 along with a Logidy UM3 pedal to control Resolume Arena 7 in real-time. Visual sources are from live camera input and other various sources.”

Set list:

0:00 Stand By (Recording of soundscape “Slipping Into Stasis Entering Jump Gate 42” from album Sonic Encounters Volume 02
0:35 “Gonna Rise Up” performed live from album Fear Cannot Save Us
4:27 “Replicant’s Dream” performed live from a forthcoming album
7:42 “Techno Planet 01” performed live from a forthcoming album
11:49 “Disconnected” single performed live
16:50 “Light Runner” performed live from a forthcoming album
22:34 End Program with audio excerpt from song “They Walk Among Us” from album Reboot

Mark Mosher’s music is available via his Bandcamp site.

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