New Music From Synthesist Robert Rich, ‘Offering To The Morning Fog’

Synthesist and sound designer Robert Rich has released a new album, Offering to the Morning Fog.

Rich says that the album is a response, in part, to people dealing with the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic. He notes:

“I made this very calm album in response to requests from listeners, who asked if I had any unreleased music that could offer a quiet place for them to breathe for a while.

I didn’t have any old unreleased pieces like that, so I created something new.”

Offering to the Morning Fog features Rich playing DIY PVC flutes, Sequential Prophet X, Haken Continuum and a prototype of the upcoming Synthesis Technology e520 Hyperion Effects Processor.

The album includes the music as both individual tracks and as an hour+ long continuous mix. A surround mix of the album is also available.

You can preview Offering to the Morning Fog below or at the Bandcamp site.

9 thoughts on “New Music From Synthesist Robert Rich, ‘Offering To The Morning Fog’

  1. Perfect for my morning commute from the bedroom to the home office (via the kitchen for some caffeine).
    Sounds great so far.
    Love the price.
    Stay Healthy 🙂

  2. That PVC flute sounds nice. I’ve been thinking of making a PVC pipe organ for my apartment. I’m sure the neighbors won’t mind a bit.

  3. Wonderfully crafted composition….I was sold n bought his CD….

    Been a fan for sometime!!

    Great work of Love Robert!!!!

    Thank you!

  4. After hearing the flute sound, I was looking for something similar in Alchemy. I found a patch that was sounding close just to realize that the author of the factory patch was… Robert Rich.!

  5. Rich are you making money from this Really ?

    Really hope you are donating all the money to animal charity homelessness or some humanitarian.

    Why didnt you set up a donation system?

    And why is it just preview when it’s supposed to be for people dealing with coronaV.
    Why isnt all of this freely available for everyone?

    Really rather pathetic Rich.

    1. It’s on for “name your price” so it is, essentially, freely available. I bought it, because I think it’s great, and I want to support the artist. Please take your vitriol elsewhere.

      1. What vitriol? What are you talking about?

        When so many around the world are doing things for free for others during corona V
        and Rich has made it clear this album is for those coping during coronaV

        One can expect Rich to not pocket the money and make clear any monies from this going towards something humanitarian.

        You saying you paid money to support Rich is silly because Rich made it clear this album isnt for him.

  6. A fantastic album – perfect for these times. Support your artist if you can – I was made redundant recently but can find a couple of pounds to give. You will get great pleasure from this for years to come. Thank you Robert.

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