U.D.O. Super 6 Sound Demo With Jamiroquai’s Matt Johnson

Keyboardist Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) shared this extended audio demo of the new U.D.O. Super 6 keyboard synthesizer.

Johnson demos a variety of his custom patches, using just the Super 6 and also in combination with his Vintage Vibe 64 Deluxe Electric Piano.

“I had the chance to buy a pre-release version of this amazing synth and couldn’t resist,” notes Johnson. “I am sure many of you are curious to know how it sounds, so here is a playing only video showing some of the sounds I have programmed so far!”

The Super 6 is a 12-voice synthesizer that’s designed so that it also can be used as a 6-voice binaural synthesizer, with each note having two independent synthesis paths. See our interview with designer George Hearn for more details.

Details on the Super 6 are available at the U.D.O. site.


12 thoughts on “U.D.O. Super 6 Sound Demo With Jamiroquai’s Matt Johnson

    1. Because the number of people willing to buy things that sound unlike other things is less than the number of people who will buy things that do sound like other things

  1. Great synth, great demo ! I love this UDO live sound design orientation, and it sounds like the quintessence of what can be done with this type of synthesis.

  2. Anyone know if the Udo is coming out dry here, or with some reverb? In the Udo demos it was dry and still sounded amazing.

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