The DNA-Controlled Synthesizer

Synthesist and sound artist Giorgio Sancristoforo – creator of Gleetchlab, Berna and other creative sound design apps – shared this video, documenting his experiments with DNA-controlled synthesis.

Here’s what Sancristoforo has to say about it:

In this video, the F5 gene of my chromosome 1 (Exons and introns) is used to program a modular synthesizer ( Shuttle System).

Blocks of 16 codons are used to control 16 parameters of the synthesizer, like frequency, amplitude, filters cutoff, envelopes, FM modulations etc.

The experiment is a continuation of my sci-art research on my whole genome, which started at the EU’s Joint Research Centre in 2019.

This particular gene was chosen due to SNP rs6025 in position: chr1:169,519,049.

Direct live recording on Zoom H5, without edit or efx added.

2 thoughts on “The DNA-Controlled Synthesizer

  1. This is so cool! I wonder if this could be used to allow us to hear the sound of genetic diseases and cancer.

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