ThunderWave Ribbon Controller Hands-On Demo

The Electronic Peasant shared this hands-on demo of the ThunderWave Ribbon Controller,  a DIY analog percussion ribbon controller.

The ThunderWave is a unique controller that features three rows of ribbon controllers, which can be used to control anything that works with control voltages.

It’s a hardcore DIY build, but details, including schematics are available at the EP site.

5 thoughts on “ThunderWave Ribbon Controller Hands-On Demo

  1. I was a little skeptical at first, but this really is quite impressive. It’s cool that it seems like you could adapt it to lots of different applications. Very cool.

  2. Nice Work! I’ve been dreaming of an MPE stye percussion controller for a long time. I currently use a malletkat and would love it if it could do different things as you move around the bar. Or if it had a ribbon strip across the top like this and do glides,bends, or relative untuned notes.

      1. I’ve drooled over that for years! I saw one demoed many years ago. Each mallet can have a different sound and you can strike the bars in diff places. Amazing.

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