New Super Saw Oscillator For The Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD & NTS-1 Synthesizers

Edouard Digital let us know that they’ve introduced JP-BOOO, a new Super Saw style user oscillator for Korg Multi-Engine synthesizers.

JP-BOOO joins BLINDS in the company’s lineup of custom oscillators for the Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD & NTS-1 synthesizers.

The new oscillator is inspired by the Super Saw oscillator of the Roland JP-8000, a classic analog-modeling synth design from 1996. The JP-8000 introduced the Roland’s ‘Super Saw’, which created the sound of 7 detuned sawtooth oscillators.

Developer Edouard says that, while many hardware and software synths have tried to emulate the JP-8000 Super Saw over the years, JP-BOOO addresses some of the limitations that have kept other Super Saws from recreating the original’s classic sounds. Here’s what he has to say about it:

“It is not possible to sound anything close to the Super Saw oscillator with a sawtooth wavetable, as emulations mostly do, because doing so is band-limited and lacks the aliasing that creates on the original this very bright and airy tone, thanks to a lot of additional high frequencies. JP?BOOO ? takes this into account.

The aliasing, because it creates both high and low frequencies, is selectively limited on the original oscillator by applying a high-pass filter that dynamically filters out frequencies below the fundamental harmonic frequency, leaving the welcomed high-frequency aliasing content intact. This filter generates a very distinct smooth waveshape that doesn’t look like a linear sawtooth anymore. JP?BOOO ? takes this into account.

When the Detune parameter is changed from zero to maximum, the change is not steady on the original. The frequency gap between each oscillator is not the same, it gets wider for the farthest ones, following a specific ratio. Moreover, a non-linear curve is applied so that there is finer control for the smallest amounts of detune, then it slowly becomes faster until it suddenly becomes a lot coarser at the very end. Emulations mostly have an equidistant or inaccurate spread, while they also have a linear or imprecise change curve. Also, when set to zero, a slight Detune can still be heard (with a high enough Mix). JP?BOOO ? takes this into account.

While the Mix parameter decreases the central oscillator’s volume to a bit less than half its initial value, in a linear way, as it goes from zero to maximum, it increases the six detuned oscillators’ volumes, on the other hand, in a non linear way. At the end of the range, the detuned oscillators stop getting louder while the central oscillator continues to get quieter. While emulations mostly apply a linear curve, JP?BOOO ? takes this into account.

Also, even at the same pitch, each note played with the Super Saw is different, because its seven sawtooth waveforms are not played from the start, but rather with a random phase, as seven independent free-running oscillators. You guessed it, JP?BOOO ? takes this into account.”

Here are the official audio demos:

Pricing and Availability

JP-BOOO is available now for 29,00€. Through Sunday, June 7th, you can use coupon code SYNTHFEST1 to get €10 off one oscillator or SYNTHFEST2 to get €30 off two oscillators.

13 thoughts on “New Super Saw Oscillator For The Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD & NTS-1 Synthesizers

  1. 29e !!! when other do awesome OSC and FX for 5$, donation or free, like the amazing works of hammondeggsmusic. That’s a shame.

  2. I have a NTS-1, so the price for thist OSC-model would be 25% of the purchase price of the synth. That is too steep.

    1. The audio software on my computer is easily worth double the cost of the computer itself. I can rationalize that, so this is easy (except that I really dislike the Supersaw sound).

      But for those who want that kind of sound, I think this is a no-brainer, especially for Minilogue and Prologue users.

      I’ll add that the NTS-1 in many ways serves as more of a development platform in the Korg ecosystem, with just enough features to make it desirable for use as a synthesizer/processor.

  3. Come on guys, there’s a 10e discount, so 19e. What’s what lunch? Sheesh. Yes, there are three other supersaws – with different implementations. I bought this one to compare, it’s pretty good. Does one thing, and does it well. I’m not a big supersaw guy, so I can’t rave. Every vendor developing for the ecosystem is worth supporting.

  4. Since I have all four Supersaw oscillator, I decided to load ’em all up and compare. Each has it’s own distinct sound. Yes, they all have that supersaw sound, but none of them are ‘bad’. None of them is ‘way better’. However, there certainly is enough differences in implementation features, and differences in the supersaw sound to provide a personal preference. People are going to have a favorite.

    My advise is always; Catch Them All!

  5. You cannot justify the price…£179 for their bundle is just crazy..I purchased Albedo, while its good its still costly for one fx ….the hammondeggs ones are fare better value and sound just as good

  6. Ive got this and it sounds great. The sound has nice character and you can tell a good amount of thought has gone into its creation. Its not meant to sound like good value, its meant to sound premium – and it does it really well (if youre into the jp8000s supersaw) I think its price is justified.

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