Live Looping Jam For Fire, Vintage Casio & A DIY Bizarro MIDI Controller

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist Ruben Dax is working on a project to make a live looping jam for every letter of the alphabet.

F is for Fire, so Dax creates a looping jam using Ableton Live, stuff that burns, a vintage Casio synth and his bizarro homemade MIDI controller.

Here’s what Dax has to say about the technical details of his performance:

“Equipment in order of appearance:

1. Stove
2. Match
3. Zippo
4. Bic
6. My homemade MIDI controller
7. ROLI Lightpad Blocks
8. Matchbox
9. Casio CZ101

All live looping using the “looper” device in Ableton Live 10.
Audio recorded using a DIY T-12 microphone.

All original music, everything recorded live in one take (except the stove. My stove is not yet in my studio).”

4 thoughts on “Live Looping Jam For Fire, Vintage Casio & A DIY Bizarro MIDI Controller

    1. in all your anger you seem to have lost the ability to count. It’s an 8 bar loop, it’s entertaining, moderately “sound-designy”, and sounds good. You might not like the style of music, but that ain’t a basis of criticism, that’s reactionary as hell.

      1. This. And it was performed and recorded live. 5 song sections with tempo, key and meter changes may work well with a live prog band but is a little much to ask of one person with 4 loop tracks.

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