Torso Electronics Intros T-1 Generative MIDI Sequencer

Copenhagen-based Torso Electronics has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the T-1 Algorithmic MIDI Sequencer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“T-1 is an euclidean rhythm sequencer. A melody and harmony generator. An advanced arpeggiator. A randomizer. A performance instrument. A MIDI effect processor. And everything in between.”

The T-1 lets you create and alter sequences using different sections of parameters on the interface:

  • The Shape section lets you sculpt the rhythmic cycle, add repeating notes, create arpeggiating patterns and melodic movements.
  • The Groove section lets you set the base velocity and sustain and change the musical feel by changing the timing and accent of the notes.
  • The Tonal section lets you change and add notes, scroll though harmonies and lock notes into musical scales.
  • The Setup section lets you control basic setup parameters and add random modulation across all the parameters on the device.

The T-1 offers a total of 16 tracks, with up to 24 note polyphony on each track. Each track can be assigned to one of 16 MIDI channels, connecting to hardware or software devices via USB or the MIDI ports.

The T-1 has 16 banks, with 16 patterns in each bank, so a total of 256 patterns are readily available. Patterns can be triggered manually or chained in a sequence to build longer progressions.

Other features include Euclidean Rhythms, algorithmic sequencing, note repeat, arpeggiators, voice-leading harmony, randomization, MIDI effects, performance features, Ableton Link and more.

Here’s an overview via loopop:

Pricing and Availability

The T-1 is being produced via a Kickstarter project and is available to project backers starting at about $530.

9 thoughts on “Torso Electronics Intros T-1 Generative MIDI Sequencer

    1. Fully funded in 15 minutes, 4x of their original goal, and 28 days to go. Oh, if only a certain company who makes clones of old synths would show such a tiny smattering of originality…

      Actually, there isn’t *that* much originality in this. Euclidean sequence algorithm, knobs for parameters, etc. IIRC, there’s some Eurorack modules like this, but not with so many parameters and buttons. This looks like a pretty decent product, but I did just get the Moog Subharmonicon and the 0-Ctrl. If this had a good assortment of CV and gates, I’d be on it.

    1. Certainly not as deep or convenient as this box but you might check out the Rozeta suite by BramBos. In particular, Rozeta Rhythm. Though it’s really designed for drums, you can use a MIDI transposer plugin to change Rhythm’s output to any note. Or insert a chord plugin afterwards pointed at an ARP. Or insert Bram’s Mozaic plugin to go absolutely nuts with note input.

  1. Not questioning the worth but have to admit I’m a little bummed by the asking price. Obviously, plenty of people see the value in it (and, credit where it’s due: the value in Loopop’s video making). I just can’t personally justify the expense. Wish I could though!

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