Elektron Updates Digitone, Digitakt with Class Compliant USB Audio, Trig Probability & More

Elektron today announced free updates for the Digitakt and Digitone that add features like Class Compliant USB Audio, Step Recording mode, Trig Probability, Trig Preview, increased sample control on the Digitakt, and additional Play Modes on the Digitone and Digitone Keys.

Here’s what’s new in the updates:

  • Class Compliant USB Audio – Class Compliant USB Audio has come to the Digi machines. Connect your Digitakt or Digitone to a compatible phone, tablet, or computer, and easily capture the audio recording from your unit on the fly.
  • Step Recording mode – This feature lets you input chords and notes into the sequencer step by step. Or use jump mode to skip to the next predetermined spot in the sequence via the Length parameter, making it even easier to control your melodies and build them a step at a time.
  • Trig Probability – Adjust Trig Probability on the Digitakt and Digitones to introduce a little controlled randomness to proceedings.
  • Trig Preview – Stay a step ahead of the pattern with Trig Preview on the Digitakt and the Digitones. You can now preview individual trigs whenever you want, without having to wait for the track to catch up.
  • New Play Modes for Digitone – The Digitone Keys and Digitone now have four different Play Modes to choose from: Switch between Poly, Poly with mono LFOs, Mono, and Mono Legato and gain deeper control of envelopes and LFOs, and increased playability.
  • Increased sample skills for Digitakt – You can now use Parameter Randomization on the Digitakt to shuffle sample slots. And keep your sample list or sound pool better organized across all Digi machines with easier removal of unused sounds.

See the Elektron site for details.

9 thoughts on “Elektron Updates Digitone, Digitakt with Class Compliant USB Audio, Trig Probability & More

  1. It’s great when companies like Elektron and Novation continue to support their products and add new features. Fab

    1. There is note probability on the Digitone at least. I’ve just compared an older copy of the Digitone PDF manual with the current one. Seems they added something but i can’t say i understand from reading the manual. Will have to update my OS (and do proper backups first) soon to really find out what it is.

    2. They had trig conditions. Meaning you could p-lock certain “conditions” to only occur on a specific trig. Trig probability first turned up in the Model:Samples. As I understand it, it allows you to lay down any number of trigs and then adjust a “global” trig probability that any of those trigs would be triggered. 100% being all trigs play all the time and say 25% meaning only 25% play 25% of the time. It’s a much quicker, more fun way to inject a bit of randomness into a sequence without having to treat each trig individually.

  2. was this update for free? or did it costs much nerves in the timelines history? nice for free but nerves are unpayable. but the trig conditions are great …

  3. This is such a good update. I didn’t understand what’s new about probability until I tried it (it’s just better now). That bi-directional pot behavior Trig Preview are two optimizations I highly welcome. But class compliant Audio/MIDI via USB, come one people, how’s this not christmas?

    It’s funny how this is the least commented thread of all Electron news I’ve read here. All new product posts are full with wisdom about why Electron sucks. I wonder, did this start around the time Digitakt was released?

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