4 thoughts on “30 Free Custom Patches For The Arturia MicroFreak

  1. The patches are decent. But the demo is incredible. I don’t own a Microbrute (and avoiding because I have reached “peak synth”) but I watched the whole thing just because the demo is that good.

    I’m such a nerd.

  2. Loved the beat-keeping toe, the effects & layered sounds make it difficult to appreciate these new presets themselves, but cool video & great contribution to the Micro Freak community!

  3. There’s so much out there, the Next Big Thing can become stale bread 2 weeks after it appears, but the MicroFreak deserves to do well, because its sits in the Venn between several good musical points. I get the feeling that a pair of these running through a Big Sky & an Eventide of some variety would be gargantuan. This synth ain’t for me, but Pigments sure is. Likin’ some Arturia lately!

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