Stutter Edit 2 Now Available, Here’s What’s New

iZotope, in collaboration with BT, has introduced Stutter Edit 2 – a major update to their micro-rhythmic audio effect processing plugin.

BT describes the update as “an absolute wormhole of power and inspiration.”

Stutter Edit 2 lets you create the famous “stutter” editing effect with one button to slice and dice your samples, tracks, and mixes. The update features a new Auto Mode, updated UI, new effects modules and more.

Here are the key features in Stutter Edit 2:

  • Auto Mode & MIDI Setup – Stutter Edit 2 is a “playable effect”—it must be “triggered” in order to do anything to your audio. Now you can trigger gestures instantly with the new Auto mode, which lets you trigger your gestures with one button. You can also use a MIDI keyboard to tell Stutter Edit 2 when to trigger, letting you “perform” your effects like an instrument. W
  • Banks and Gestures – Stutter Edit 2 includes hundreds of new Gestures (presets) designed by BT and iZotope. When a gesture is triggered, you can turn your audio into a short rhythmic idea, or a drawn out, evolving soundscape. Gestures come in Banks which map automatically to your MIDI keyboard so you can trigger different gestures at will.
  • Stutter & Buffer – At the heart of Stutter Edit 2 are the Stutter and Buffer controls, letting you blur the lines between melody, rhythm, and sound. Stutter Edit 2 cuts or “buffers” your audio up into razor-sharp slices and plays them back at different speeds.
  • Time Variant Modifiers – Set a Range for any effect in Stutter Edit 2 to make it morph and change in time with your gesture. Time-Variant Modifiers can be added to any parameter to control how and where within the range the effect plays back. Customize your TVMs with the Curve Editor to easily create unique moving effects.
  • The Curve Editor lets you control the movement of the effect as you play your gesture back. You can choose a premade curve or draw your own.

Pricing and Availability

Stutter Edit 2 is available now for $199. A demo version is also available.

18 thoughts on “Stutter Edit 2 Now Available, Here’s What’s New

  1. The ‘infamous’ “stutter” editing effect is so dated I cant believe anyone cares in 2020!
    Updated UI?! When was it updated., 1980?

      1. I will never not love this joke. (it’s a bit like when audiophiles start talking about gold plating…)

        People were pretty merciless with this joke many years ago on Muffwiggler, when Ken Macbeth made his hyper-expensive modules with “NOS resistors” and such for that “vintage warmth”. It’s probably an even older joke, I’m not sure, and I’m not sure if we’ve strayed further from or closer to God in the meantime…

  2. How is this still a thing? And how is it $200?

    I was just thinking that the Stutter buttons on the AIRA series are almost an anachronism at this point.

    1. Maybe it’s $200 for making the shiny “now 75/80/90% off” deals, that will appear soon(er or later), more worthwhile for the company? 😉

  3. BT doesn’t even use stutter any more in his music.
    His last several years of music are all ambient, trance and pop.
    So why is he flogging this again?

  4. Everything old is new again

    I’ve always liked this program as a digital sounding noise generator. It can really tear up sounds with really no effort..Running through the presets in real time and playing them in real time is fun and useful

    I liked to record the output into audio and chop it for samples into drumkits or just a syncopated noise. Kind of like a granular beat synth I used to put the sounds into a RYTM. Lots of fun.

    Not exactly commercially successful LOL.

    Not saying this is some amazing thing, but it does a lot more than the genre stuff. Im at least going to check out the demo. In the end, It is a very specific type of plugin, and $80 for an update isn’t cheap so not sure its something to pay for.

  5. Most of this stuff (Trash2, Beattweaker, Stutter etc) has been selling recently in 80% off sales on the usual sites for $29 bucks…Its the new normal to say something is worth ‘200’ just so you can slash the price and pick up all those people why think they are getting an amazing bargain (then never use it!). PA, IK…they all do it, the stuff that is actually worth having never gets such reductions!

    Of all the ‘create suit’ stuff, Trash2 is the only one I still use.

  6. I LOVE stuttering. The possibilities are endless. The comment that stutters are so 80s and therefore irrelevant in 2020 are rubbish : if that was the case, then analog synthesis would have already disappeared. Now 200 bucks for this, is a but too much. I also find the interface a bit cheesy.

  7. I always do these kinds of effects manually, with tape edits and so forth

    it seems more contextual that way, ends up being more like part of the composition rather than some fx for a part

  8. Has anyone found out or tried if the presets made in Stutter Edit 1 works in version 2? Can’t find the info on whether it’s possible or not in the help files of Stutter Edit 2.

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