Dreadbox + Sinevibes Debut Typhon Analog Synthesizer

Dreadbox & Sinevibes have introduced the Typhon, a new synth that combines analog synthesis with stereo digital effects, and offering complex modulation routing, 256 preset memory and a 32-note sequencer.

It also features external audio in, so you can use it as a powerful effects processor.


  • Analog Circuit including 2 Dreadbox Oscillators, a 4-pole Low Pass Filter, and Multiple Analog VCAs
  • 2 Envelope Generators for the Filter and the Amp
  • 3 Modulators with 4 Different Modes (LFO, EG, Random, Parameter Step Sequencer) and Multiple Active Targets
  • All analog parts feature a dedicated direct control on the left front panel.
  • With the sliders, buttons, and encoder on the right side of the front panel you can control the Amp and the Filter envelopes, the sequencer, the modulators, and the stereo effects, in order to create and save your desired sounds
  • 12 DSP stereo effects (32bit @96kHz) developed by Sinevibes, including Distortion, Bit crusher, Chorus, Ensemble,Flanger, Delay and Reverb
  • 32 Note Sequencer that can be used to sequence notes in the traditional way or used as a modulation source
  • 254 preset memory, with import/export support
  • External audio input that can turn this box into the ultimate effects unit
  • Portable, Powered via USB with full MIDI and CC Implementation

Typhon Video Demo:

Synthesis on the Typhon:

Pricing and Availability

The Typhon is expected to be available in July 2020 for 349€

31 thoughts on “Dreadbox + Sinevibes Debut Typhon Analog Synthesizer

  1. I’m really impressed by this box. At first glance it seemed like all-too-basic of a new desktop unit, but it clearly packs tons of sound design and utility capabilities into the box, while still maintaining the key hands-on bits that make a synth fun and naturally playable (for me). the demos sound absolutely gorgeous, and its handsomely designed and affordable. nice one

  2. Love, the video (well done Dreadbox!!!), it’s design, features and capabilities…and it’s coming out in July….great price as well….

    Well Done Dreadbox!!! (Hands Clapping)

  3. Brilliant video, clever, funny, and I love dogs so that made it instantly better. I am not keen on the design however as I some seem to be, yet it sounds wonderful. Well done!

    1. If it was poly you would be saying :”finally, another polysynth” …

      There are countless designs of all kinds of synths out in the world now. Maybe actually use your ears and hear how this is different.

      Here lies the difference between hardwired synth people and modular people… you never hear modular folks complain about “oh yet another oscillator,” unless the product actually sucks. There’s value in all kinds of different gear for different use cases.

    1. It shines shoes! Thats when reading comes in. Then after the reading, the other video shows a bit of those details you didnt get from not reading.

  4. Love that these company’s like Dreadbox and Ericasynths are starting to make more instruments that are more appealing to me, having patch memory, displays interfaces, onboard effects, sequencers. For me it makes it so much more fun to use when a instrument can be used independently and has a size that makes it possible to take it outside the studio easily.

    It is available for preorder but i need more info about it to make a purchase. Like what are the destinations of the modulators and how many target can they have? Also can you see the values of the analog parameters on the display?

  5. like it!

    On one hand it is super minimalistic on the other hand it is rly deep!
    Also the price of a guitar pedal but beeing a fully fledged analog monosynth & effects unit = wow!
    Will most likely order one!

    btw tbh: i was dissapointed that the medusa had zero effects in there but six (= too much) oscs instead.

    1. The medusa looked goo don paper, looked good in the box, once you turned it on, still looked good. Then the grid….then it all fell apart. I felt encumbered by that grid. I really wanted to like it too, just felt like if i poured enough of my focus into taming that grid sequencer, i could do it. P-locks and all. Sold it within 2 weeks after some heavy playing.

  6. Has the realm of Hell frozen? Dreadbox analog mono in a portable package WITH PATCH RECALL? I’m selling one of my monosynths and getting this one instead, for sure!

    This has “octatrack food” written all over it 😉

  7. This is so awesome.
    The price is pretty awesome too!!!

    This is pretty much an insta buy for me !!
    Might even have to pre order this one. !

  8. We need new sound architectures, there are 50 monosynhts in the market. Does it matter if it has the fx on board or not? I say, no it doesn’t. You are going to end up with the same boring sounds.

    1. You’re right.
      Time to use soft synths!

      Or maybe I just needed exactly what this great sounding little box does, all integrated in a neat, portable, stand-alone package, at a moderate price.

      1. Well I am either correct or not, but for sure this kind of synth architecture is neither new, nor an alternative for anything. This little box does everything, every little box, ever did. 2 oscillators an analogue filter, a sequencer and some fx.

        1. And most guitars have six strings but people still make music with them. In my experience, people that complain there are too many tools are not using the tools they have in creative ways.

    1. I would assume the sequence is just saves with the patch and no song mode, Hopefully they will put the manual up soon!

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