Dove Audio VCF/VCA MU Module Will ‘Rumble Your Rig’

Dove Audio has introduced the NJM 2069 VCF/VCA, a ‘fantastic’ sounding new module that’s based on the Korg NJM2069 VCF/VCA chip, used in synths like the Poly800, DW8000 and DSS1.

“It sounds really full and has a huge low end, ready to rumble any rig,” notes creator Paula Maddox.

The module features controls for cutoff, resonance, 12/24dB output mode, Filter cutoff CV depth, Resonance CV depth, VCA CV depth and VCA gain.

Pricing and Availability

The NJM 2069 VCF/VCA is available, in limited quantities, for £275.

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