Ambient Music On A Minimal Modular Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, by The Oysterhouse Boys, captures an ambient piece, Sublimation, created with a minimal modular synthesizer patch.

Here’s what they shared about the technical details:

“This piece is an ambient synth piece, created using very limited modules, namely a Pittsburgh Modular SV filter, Mutable Instruments Rings and Instruo/divkid OCHD, which is amazing. OCHD is what gives the music all it’s life, with loads of animation and it’s both subtle and in your face all at once.
Really musical module.

The modular went into Logic via a blue sky reverb and M-Audio 8 rack interface.

There is some minimal bass and lead from the Moog One as well. The Moog provided it’s own reverb courtesy of the built in Eventide, in this case using a custom black hole patch.”

13 thoughts on “Ambient Music On A Minimal Modular Synthesizer

  1. id appreciate compositions with less washed reverbs, you never know what is the reverb wash and what is the sound because nowadays those strymons and eventides make up so much of the sound that i hardly can appreciate the quality of the modules used

      1. Why can’t we or why shouldn’t we appreciate instruments/modules?

        Eberts makes a fair point about excessive reverb washing out the individuality of the modules used here.

        I’d like to learn about how that combo of units sound & what video makers like about the OHCD. But it’s lost behind all that reverb. The reverb sounds nice, but it wasn’t the point of the video.

    1. Once you understand the workings of the universe, its complexity is all one. Music is mathematical expression and whether control voltage, sound sources or effects, where would one draw a line between them??! You can’t. Everything is connected…..

  2. Such a nice Ambient piece of work….lots can be done on a minimal setup….just takes creativity….

    I enjoyed this piece of work quite a bit!!!

  3. Hi all,
    Rob here from the Oysterhouse Boys. Thanks so much for stopping long enough to listen to my music and make a comment.
    I see a few people questioning the minimalism of the system. To that I would say yes, the Moog is expensive and a beast that covers a lot of ground. That said, I used one single vco playing a bass note, with a slow LFO on the cuttoff and VCA envelope. Other than some reverb that was it. Really, almost all of that patch is the modular. I totally get that there’s some pricey gear here but I also think that not much would’ve been lost if I hadn’t used it. But music isn’t about budget. It’s about trying to create a mood and spark an emotional response (for me at least).

    As for the comments about learning what ochd is doing I think that’s fair. One module doesn’t make a patch and I did sing it’s praises. I have a new series called ‘meet the module’ starting next week, which will aim to explore single tools more, as well as show them in a musical context. Hopefully that will be a better way of demonstrating their uses, sounds and so on.

    Thanks again for commenting. It really helps me evaluate this new channel and will absolutely inform my decisions on how I do these videos.

    Mostly though, please enjoy the music (or not).


  4. Hi Rob!

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I am wondering how this is sequenced, in Logic?

    Thanks a bunch for your time!


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