Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ On A High-Tech Robo-Piano

Sunday Synth Jam: The Synth Playground shared this video demo of their custom high-tech robo-piano.

The piano is completely custom, modified with robotics, lighting, MIDI capabilities and a build-in computer.

They describe the custom piano as a labor of love, noting “This goes to all the naysayers, all those who say it can’t be done because it’s too difficult, too stupid, too insane.”

It may be all of those things – but it’s also an incredible DIY project. Check it out and share your thoughts on it in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ On A High-Tech Robo-Piano

  1. Is that really the best it can do for drums?? The Casio drum bank actually ruined what was otherwise a nice performance.

  2. That is AWESOME. Now if only they could build a robot that sounds like a younger Diamond Dave to sing along…

  3. I honestly expected something more. The fellow took a grand piano, took out all of the piano bits, and then installed a MIDI keyboard, computer, and sound system. So what it has become is just a big custom case. Yes, it’s a really nice case. Yes, the case can open on its own. That doesn’t make it a robo-piano. Look at the Yamaha player pianos. That’s a real piano, digitally controlled.

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