IK Multimedia Intros iRig Keys 2 Compact MIDI Keyboard Controller

IK Multimedia has introduced the iRig Keys 2 Mini, the latest member of its iRig Keys 2 series of MIDI keyboard controllers.

The iRig Keys 2 Mini is optimized for mobile and laptop use, featuring 25 mini keys, compatibility with mobile and desktop devices and MIDI In/Out on 2.5mm connectors.


  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac/PC.
  • Lightning, USB-C** and USB-A cables included.
  • Headphone out for use with the latest devices.
  • Compatible with all your favorite apps.
  • Stand-alone mode for use with outboard rigs.
  • 2.5mm MIDI IN/OUT with MIDI adaptor included.
  • SET button to save & recall custom setups.
  • Powered by your device or USB power.

Pricing and Availability

The iRig Keys 2 Mini is available now for 99.99 USD/EUR.

11 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Intros iRig Keys 2 Compact MIDI Keyboard Controller

  1. They all seem pretty similar.

    At least this has MIDI i/o and acts as an audio interface– which is less common.

    Price ain’t bad for that.

    If only these devices would have decent scan rates for better velocity sensing. (I think Novation is at least doing that).

    1. If they made this three octaves (and 50% longer), we’d be hearing more complaints about the tiny keys. I just don’t think this should be considered optimal for performance – it’s obviously meant more for sketching or building on ideas.

      It’s small, it’s portable, and it’s a decent solution for plenty of folks out there.

  2. i remember the good old days when roland released the jupiter 80, which was only available w/76 keys. btw, the most underrated synth ever imo.

  3. My biggest issue with these is that they should have mod and pitch bend, not having a way to do that with a mobile setup drives me crazy, even if there was a spring loaded pitch knob or touch strip, something to make the play more natural

  4. Crunchy is right. Its easy to kill off a good idea with too big a wish list. You see small controllers onstage once in a while, but they’re mainly for everything else. You can’t readily do solo Moog-wailing on a 3″ touch strip; that’s more for ambient or experimental adventures. One good thing about it is that something usually comes along that hits most of the points you’re wild about. Imperfect magic is still magic.

  5. 2.5mm TRS for the midi IO? Why not 3.5mm like everyone else! I don’t think the world can’t handle any more adapters….

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