Hands-On Demo Of The Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice, The Blade Runner Monosynth

The latest video from synthesist Ben Wilson, aka DivKid, is sponsored demo of the Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice, a complete synth voice in Eurorack format. 

While video does a great job of exploring the range of possibilities offered by the Deckard’s Voice, some readers may be left wanting more, because it doesn’t really dig into creating iconic Blade Runner sounds.

The Deckard’s Voice is a monophonic synth, based on the Deckard’s Dream polyphonic synth, which itself was inspired by the classic Yamaha CS-80 and its use by Vangelis in the score for Blade Runner. In a nutshell, the module is designed to give let you create monophonic leads with an ‘Yamaha CS’ style analog sound.

In 32HP, Deckard’s Voice features an analogue oscillator, two LFOs, two envelopes, two filters and a wide range of CV ins and outs.

Topics covered:

  • 00:00 Hello & patch previews
  • 01:18 What is Deckard’s Voice?
  • 02:07 No talking tonal exploration
  • 02:52 Oscillator section
  • 03:50 Dynamic hazy acid
  • 04:54 RAW filter sound
  • 06:11 Abstract critters & experimental modulation
  • 06:38 AM overtones from the LFO
  • 07:33 AM synthesis with the velocity CV input
  • 08:57 Netflix show themes
  • 09:09 LFO section
  • 10:43 Dynamic animation with Brilliance & Velocity
  • 11:27 Random vocal & formant filter tones
  • 12:04 Exploring FM synthesis
  • 13:05 Will it dream? Polyphonic layering + FX
  • 13:43 Vibrato lead lines
  • 14:29 Dense modulation & animation

Pricing and Availability

The Deckard’s Voice is available to pre-order now, priced at $699 USD.

5 thoughts on “Hands-On Demo Of The Black Corporation Deckard’s Voice, The Blade Runner Monosynth

  1. 2 voices should have been the minimum
    And if your not going for the same old the blade runner thing, there are much better things out there at that price point

  2. About twice as much as it should be with Eurorack tax (charge more as there is no case or power supply!)
    Dreadbox Tyron for half as much sounds much better to me.

  3. I agree with Mr Barcelo- this module needs at least two voices to justify it’s very existence and especially the price tag.

  4. great demo, thanks, id appreciate if more eurorack developpers would jump on that train and do simpler eurorack versions of the yamaha cs synths, like the mighty cs 10 .they sound so lovely but are bulky in studio and to get a decent sound 2 oscillators are necessary …we see 1000s of remakes of classic rolands, moogs etc but if someone here is a eurorack module createor and read this, please be inspired

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