Majella Audio Implexus Analog Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Majella Audio has announced the Implexus, a new synthesizer that they say combines so-called ‘West Coast’ and ‘East Coast’ synthesis approaches in a single device.

Here’s what they have to say about the Implexus synthesizer:

“The IMPLEXUS is a performance-oriented musical instrument which will inspire you to compose music and explore its unique soundscape. The IMPLEXUS has a carefully designed analogue signal path with many unique ways to create intriguing sounds. The many sound shaping methods and modulation possibilities help you to create west-coast style harmonically rich sounds as well as thick east-coast analog  sounds.

The IMPLEXUS has a powerful “one-knob-per-function” interface with graphical feedback, utilizing LED rings to indicate modulators. The drone mode, tap tempo and looping envelopes let you explore the IMPLEXUS as a standalone sound generator. The MIDI and Eurorack compatibility and clock synchronisation options make sure it can be played in every setting. The IMPLEXUS is built to last. It has metal shaft potentiometers, an aluminium casing with scratch and solvent resistant graphics and an internal power supply (no adapter!). The IMPLEXUS is a characteristic, unique and complete musical instrument.”

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Majella Audio says that they plan to fund production of the Implexus via a Kickstarter campaign, which they say is coming soon. See the company’s site for details.

13 thoughts on “Majella Audio Implexus Analog Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. I remember decades ago in the era of ROMplers that analog was out and digital was in. At that time, I hoped against hope that there would be an analog resurgence someday. And here we are.

    Years ago, I never would have believed that I would ever be writing this: ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE ANALOG SYNTHESIZERS !!!

    1. You may have overlooked it, in these there are numerous new and interesting digital (and hybrid) synths coming out, using FM, sampling, granular, VA, wavetable and so on. Waldorf Iridium and Kyra, Korg Wavestate, Novation Peak… Why do you want to limit other people’s choices?

    2. Tim, I reached that point about 4 years ago. We are witnessing regurgitative variants of the same essential designs. And I saw a comment about the light strips around the knobs, I hope that was sarcasm.

  2. And yet another sterling example of why Sinfonia to Cantata No. 29 by JS Bach should be a standard for introducing new synthesizers. People, it’s not an effects box, it’s a musical instrument. Bach for new boxes!

    1. Not sold yet based on the videos provided. I’ll need to bide my time on future videos displaying the Sonic Power of the system.

      I wish them well in this Kickstarter endeavor!

  3. If your against mono synths then you really must hate the ARP 2600 and all of the many Moogs

    Many monos, yes its true, but polyphony seems to be one thing missing, while the architecture, design and sound of much of the monophonic synths that are well loved by many seems to still catch air

    Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to have more analog or hybrid polys, that seems like a thing that can still
    happen yet, if a bit on the slow slope for most

    This thing looks like it could be an interesting project to expand on

  4. Deepmind12 gives me my Analog Poly….and personally I love it!!! Just personal preference.

    I also have 2 Analog racks that give me my bread and butter sounds n the more exotic with mutable instruments n 4MS.

    I’ve spent 3-4 years w my Deepmind12 n it keeps on amazing me. Lucious n gorgeousness sound!! It even does generative like my modular racks.

    My next jaunt will be w the Iridium!

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