New Software Synth, Knif Audio Knifonium, Emulates Sound Of 208 Vacuum Tube Polysynth

Plugin Alliance has announced the availability of Knif Audio Knifonium — an enhanced emulation of the unique Knifonium vacuum tube synthesizer.

The hardware Knifonium features two tube-driven oscillators, a 4th order ladder filter, a ring modulator, and a  ‘steampunk’ aesthetic. Handcrafted in small batches by designer Jonte Knif, the original hardware unit offers countless possibilities for shaping and modulating sounds.

The plugin version is designed to be more accessible and easier to use than the original, and to add features that  aren’t feasible in the analog world.

With eight independent voices, Knif Audio Knifonium makes it possible to create pads that sound like they were produced by a total of 208 vacuum tubes. The software version also adds M/S (mid-side) and stereo Spread capabilities, a powerful Unison mode, as well as an FX section, including a vintage-style Phaser, plugin partner brand SPL’s EQ Ranger, Wavefolder, and more.

Brainworx Audio modeled the complete circuits of the original hardware — including all 26 tubes, and applied its patented TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology) to recreate the natural variations in Envelope parameters, Pitch, LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) speed, and many more characteristics to make this recreation sound as realistically analog and natural as possible.

Here’s a playlist of videos that explore the new synth in depth:’

Pricing and Availability

Knif Audio Knifonium is available now with an intro price of $199.99 USD through August 10, 2020 (normally $299.

9 thoughts on “New Software Synth, Knif Audio Knifonium, Emulates Sound Of 208 Vacuum Tube Polysynth

  1. Hey! Shouldn’t we use our time and resources to make new instruments instead of emulating pre-existing ones? Just saying

    1. It is a new instrument design.

      Would you argue that a Sequential OB-6 is not a new instrument, just because its voice architecture is based on the Oberheim SEM module?

      1. what he wants to say is the emulation “Wahn” of existing Hardware. The last innovation cames from zynaptiq or soundtheory …

  2. For many people this WILL be a new instrument since the original Knifonium is out of reach price-wise for many musicians.

    1. I found 4 presets that distort, cut out or just sound F’d up. I don’t rely on presets so much so won’t be a biggie for me, but yeah something is wonky, most likely QC on the presets might have slipped a bit. My main use is weird sound design stuff that gets rolled and smeared into other sounds so I love its sonic potential in going new places and traversing the outer limits.

  3. This isn’t meant for pop music as much as its aimed at fringe players & composers. Its a wicked-sounding thing, so you’ll need to see it in the right light. Its not “new” the way people clamor for it, but its sure not a me-too instrument, either. Brainworx Audio plugs are sometimes CPU-hungry, so check your system specs. I don’t think I’m twisted enough to take the Knifonium challenge. I like ROMplers too much.

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