Chillwave Track Created With Just A Roland SH-01A

Synthesist Stefano Mattia shared this music video for his track Drifting Automata.

All sounds come from one synth, a Roland SH-01a, with percussion and effects added in Logic. Mattia’s patches and arrangement work to showcase what’s possible with a single inexpensive synth.

Here’s what Mattia has to say about the technical details:

“I decided to make a space/chillwave track using my SH-01A only. I really love this synth for the immediacy with which you can dial in a particular sound you have in mind. And for how fun it is to tweak the patch while it’s playing.

Here my little blue SH-01A is in charge of arpeggio, bass line, high pitched strings, pads, lead and even some random LFO sound effects.

Delay, reverb, and chorus effects added here and there. Drums are stock Logic samples.”

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