Kebu Live Roland Synth Jam – “Just Another Space Odyssey”

Sunday Synth Jam: Finnish synthesist Kebu (Sebastian Teir) shared this live performance of Just Another Space Odyssey, from his 2012 album To Jupiter And Back.

Teir created the video for Roland using an all-Roland keyboard rig, featuring both modern and vintage gear

Here’s what Teir has to say about th technical details:

“In this video, I perform “Just Another Space Odyssey” with an all-Roland keyboard rig, controlled by the Fantom’s sequencer.

The first two minutes of the tune is built up in real-time, by recording MIDI notes and looping them back. At 2:20, I start triggering pre-recorded MIDI sequences from the Fantom and play along with them.

Synths used: Roland Fantom 6, Jupiter X, Jupiter Xm, System 8, JD-XA, TR-8S, TR-808, Alpha Juno 1 & 2 and SE-02.

The audio was recorded in one take, but the video was edited from multiple takes.

8 thoughts on “Kebu Live Roland Synth Jam – “Just Another Space Odyssey”

  1. still a shame that nobody at sonic state has reviewed the new fantom yet. i asked nick batt about it and he answered: “it´s a workstation. i don´t do workstations.” yeah, but it´s the first workstation with ableton live in it!

  2. Brilliant Brilliant Track.
    Brilliantly performed.
    Blade Runner 2049 should had Kebu doing soundtrack.

  3. More interested in what company is making those stands. I used to use 2 of the USS triple tiers back in the day that I customized with their “thinker toys” accessories.

  4. I don’t mind Nick not covering workstations. They’re measured in large part by their pianos, organs & traditional sounds. Nick is a >synth< guy with just a toe in the laptop side. I don't need his take on B-3 emulations. I know workstations & ROMplers fine; I need good reviews of the OTHER things I rarely use so I know where to go, when and if. He's one of the premiere synth-nerd homeboys.

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