Solar Powered Synth Rig Lets You Make Sweet Electronic Music While You Extreme Social Distance

The latest Noir Et Blanc Vie video takes a look at creating a solar powered synth rig, so you can extreme social distance and still make sweet electronic music.

Host Stephen Fitzgerald wanted to take a road trip and be able to make music wherever he wanted, without having to limit himself to portable gear. And that’s how he ended up jamming in the sun in 104° weather.

“I’d like to say that both the Zoia and Subharmonicon performed great in 104 degree weather,” he notes.”I’m not an expert on solar, or renewable energy, but I wanted to take a road-trip, enjoy synths I wouldn’t normally bring and take you with me for the journey. Most of the time you wouldn’t consider synths that use AC/DC adapters as part of your portable outdoor rig, but I thought ‘Why not?'”

Technical details:

All synth sounds in the video are from a Moog Subharmonicon, through a Empress Zoia.

13 thoughts on “Solar Powered Synth Rig Lets You Make Sweet Electronic Music While You Extreme Social Distance

    1. Korg do a good job with there electribe.ive took mine to the beach with a block rocker speaker and its lasted hours.

  1. I have a battery powered eurorack system and I don’t have to sit in 104 degrees temps. Can I get on Synthtopia?

    1. careful, bill. perfectly reasonable criticisms can become “hate loops” with these youtubers and they will not hesitate to use you for their profit.

  2. What is he using to hear the music he’s creating? I didn’t see any headphones or amplifier/speakers, just the Zoom recorder.

    1. Certain mobile recorders in the H-series made by Zoom come with a small, integrated speaker. Not high fidelity, sure, but they’ll probably do the job.

  3. No. Nope. No way, no how would I sit out in direct sunlight in 104 degree heat. Nope, no way, not ever. There’s a reason I chose to move to the Pacific Northwest.

    But yeah, other than having that blistering heat, I love the idea.

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