David Lynch – I Have A Radio (Music Video)

Director and musician David Lynch shared the music video for I Have A Radio.

The track features what sounds like rhythmic farting and squealing pigs, and the video is filmed in Disturb-O-Rama, but Lynch leaves no doubt about whether or not he has a radio.

23 thoughts on “David Lynch – I Have A Radio (Music Video)

    1. Thanks for sharing your sentiment. It just proves how much I don’t care about opinions on the internet, or anywhere else to be honest. Thanks for emphasising that it’s your own opinion, like fuck me! really your opinion? Man.. you have your own opinion? That’s radical.

      1. Flip the comment… if ‘L’ had said ‘that was the best thing I ever heard’, would you have posted what you wrote? A negative comment is just as valid as a positive one…

        Music is subjective as are all of the arts so as they say, ‘One man’s meat is another’s murder’…. some music and artists who get a LOT of airtime on this website absolutely shit me to tears but from reading the comments, it seems that they appeal to quite a few people…. to each their own.

    1. I remember putting on Brian Eno’s album, “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts”, and being entranced by it. For this, it just strikes me as too simplistic for my taste. This is more like a type of background music, like Erik Satie’s “furniture music.”

  1. Listened with headphones. Not anything I would choose to experience a second time but that’s JMO of course, but it sounded um … well definitely professional. I guess I think of something like Tom Day and the “Who We Want To Be” track or even Deadmau5 track “Monophobia” both of which I have listened to hundreds of times on my playlists and this David Lynch track I probably would never listen to again. JMO’s … different strokes.

  2. I thought it was good – I didn’t hear the ‘farting’ – but I guess it’s all subjective. I don’t pretend to understand Lynch’s work, but I enjoy a lot of what he does! Thanks for posting it.

  3. I hear much better music by amateurs on soundcloud producing in their bedrooms but since David Lynch is famous this will get more attention. Great film director. Average musician.

  4. Pretty good actually, not sure why people are hating on this track. He’s an artist and he has a certain aesthetic and this track fits into that dark, sexy, and disturbing aesthetic. It’s much better than the vast majority of bedroom techno junk that gets uploaded to YouTube every day showing off the latest GAS binge. Lynch has millions, haters have their gate, and the owls are not what they seem, end of story.

  5. I love it. But I grew up during the postmodern era; during the “defund art” era of US conservatives(70’s & 80’s).

    As you get older, it sucks to see how much cultural knowledge gets flushed as soon as a new trend bursts on the scene.

    Just wait, it will happen to you. Some kids, convinced that they are the best of any generation, will s**t on something you love or had valid social merit in a time when you needed it.

    Just like the generations before me, there was something cool going on you didn’t know about and may not get on first blush. Similar statements apply to appreciating what the kids are doing.

  6. Surreal genius from a meditating genius! Keep reaching those places yet to be explored. Oh, and coincidently, I received my new radio today! Haha. Thank you again Mr. Lynch and talented crew.

  7. I think John Carpenter has him beat on the director-as-musician thing. But I still love David Lynch. Obviously he gets to have fun doing whatever he wants, more power to him.

  8. Its actually not bad, reminds me of later day Scott Walker, just not as dark or ‘out there’… I would have gone more heavy , its quite oppressive, I loved the soundtrack to Eraserhead and reminds me I need to buy it!

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