Akai Pro Intros Free MPC Beats Software

Akai Pro has introduced MPC Beats, a free digital audio workstation (DAW) that they describe as ‘the best beat making DAW for beginners.

MPC Beats features a built-in content library, virtual instruments, 80 effects, support for MIDI pad controllers and more. In addition, it offers two stereo audio tracks and support for AU/VST plugin instruments and audio effects,. It also works as a plugin within other DAWs.

Here’s what they have to say about MPC Beats:

“MPC Beats offers an easily accessible 4 x 4 drum sample grid, a piano roll, sample library browser and sample edit window. Users can seamlessly switch between these workspaces to discover, create, and edit their beats to perfection. For immediate accessibility, MPC Beats includes smart layouts from the included beat templates–the ideal starting point for new users looking to master the MPC workflow.

MPC Beats comes with a 2GB content library with selections from the most popular MPC Expansion Pack sound libraries. The carefully curated selection gives beat makers the freshest in-demand sounds for modern beat-making. From drum kits with punchy kicks and crispy claps, to 3 plugin instruments (Bassline, Tubesynth & Electric) from MPC, everything needed to create great sounding beats is here. Adding the final pro polish to tracks couldn’t be simpler with over 80 FX plugins from the AIR Effects collection–a premium selection of mixdown and mastering tools–giving beat makers everything they need to finish tracks and get them ready to share on any streaming platform.”


  • Free software based on the legendary MPC workflow
  • 2 Audio, 8 Midi/Instrument Tracks
  • 16 Pads, Sample Editing, VST/AU support
  • Ready to create right away – sample/sound content, effects, and virtual instruments built-in
  • Can be mapped to any MIDI controller, including MPC and MPK mini
  • Easy, unified software, plugins, and virtual instruments installer

Pricing and Availability

MPC Beats is available as a free download from the Akai Professional website. A valid email address is required.


15 thoughts on “Akai Pro Intros Free MPC Beats Software

  1. So they make hardware that is most valued to get people away from the computer.
    Now bring out software and its free what is there strategie here, must this serve as a gateway to MPC or are they challenging the competition in this field.

    1. i would think gateway is the idea behind this, lots can be done with 2 audio and 8 midi tracks, but this will quickly become not enough for those wanting to go further, and when they do they will most likely look to something in the MPC product line. cool idea and generous way to bring interest to the MPC.

    2. their hardware is a windows tablet computer hooked up to some pads and buttons instead of a keyboard. how does their products get you away from the computer at all?

      1. What a smart-assy answer. You can say that about most hardware, obviously he meant the usual computer based workflow.

  2. I don’t think CEO Jack O’Donell has much of a strategy at this point for his inMusic brand …other than perhaps building the world’s largest DJ division.

  3. There’s plenty of room for new free DAWs on the market. Tracktion Waveform free isn’t terribly easy to use IMO. This will come in handy for introducing new people to beatmaking, for some reason MPC’s simplicity has always been a big feature and I’m sure this new DAW will be as easy to get to grips with.

    I just hope I the projects made on this software can be opened on the standalone MPC’s. If so, its a good moe from Akai and will make collaborating MPC projects a lot more flexible.

  4. Tried to download, yesterday and today. I am not receiving e-mail link. This is typical of In-Music… 🙁

    1. I got mine first try. Maybe the server wasn’t ready for how many folks took the bait? I agree with Will (below), it’s a serious amount of software for free.

    2. Star date august 19th 2020. Beats lost in space. Requested 5 times, in past 7 days, no email. Somewhere there must be a black hole eating it up.

  5. This is basically the same software/UI that runs on my AKAI FORCE.
    So if you are thinking of buying the FORCE, you definitely should try out this FREE software.

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