New Max For Live Tool, Ratcheteer, Lets You Easily Generate Trap Rhythms & More

midierror has introduced Ratcheteer, a MIDI note pattern generator for Ableton Live + Max For Live.

Ratcheteer is designed to generate complex MIDI note patterns, based on your MIDI control input and in sync with Ableton Live’s transport.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Assign a MIDI Note to ratchet and choose from 5 types of time division to hear the note re-triggered from a steady pace to rapid fire mayhem. Select an output velocity with fixed, random between a range or LFO controls.

Turn the knob or play your keyboard to play the ratcheteer at different speeds. It’ll output expressive MIDI notes which can be recorded as clips and stored in your track.

The Ratcheteer is ideal for Trap Hi Hat petterns, but can be used on any drum or synth hit. It can also be used on multiple channels for entire rhythm track making.

Time divisions include triplets, whole notes, dotted notes, all combined and free (unclocked).”

Note: Ableton Live 10 Suite is required to run this device.

Pricing and Availability

Ratcheteer is available now for 17.50 Euro.

12 thoughts on “New Max For Live Tool, Ratcheteer, Lets You Easily Generate Trap Rhythms & More

  1. Looks like a very nice and intuitive interface for creating all kinds of time-division-based rhythms. Curious if anyone has made something like this before.

  2. I stubbornly play by hand as a rule, even part of my percussion, but I have to compliment both the functionality and the GUI here. Its modest, but its still a good leaping-off-point item. Lately, I’ve seen less top-heavy masses of controls on apps and better focus like this. If you’re selective, you can develop a nice toolbox of things that’s almost a synth on its own.

  3. i can use my mouse and a piano-roll editor to easily generate trap rhythms

    or about 100 apps on the ipad

    but thanks anyways

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