Buchla Easel Command In Depth Demo

Synthesist Marc Doty (AutomaticGainsay) shared a series of in-depth videos, embedded above, that explores the capabilities of the new Buchla Easel Command.

The Buchla Easel Command is an updated version of the 208 Stored Program Sound Source, the synthesizer at the heart of Buchla’s 1973 Music Easel. In the original design, it was paired with the 218 Touch Keyboard Controller to make a complete instrument.

The updated version, the 208C, is available in a standalone desktop form, with MIDI and CV control, as the Easel Command. It’s also available as a module for use in a Buchla 200e system.

The new version offers a variety of updates that are designed to improve usability, add new synthesis options and make it easier to integrate with modern synth rigs. Updates include MIDI input via USB & DIN, 1/4″ audio outputs, minijack cv/gate inputs, USB Host support, new patching options and more.

Details on the Easel Command & 208C module are available at the Buchla site.

9 thoughts on “Buchla Easel Command In Depth Demo

    1. i highly doubt it that mehringer will make a better version than arturia’s, let alone the updated buchla.

  1. There are a total of 9 videos by Marc. I watched them all. I picked up a few tips and tricks.
    My Easel Command is due to land on Monday!

  2. Sad to see yet another product with all these claims that can’t 5 minutes to pick knob and jack colors that everyone can see. Even more sad, I bet there is at least one person in their engineering depart that could have done it (i.e. 1 in 12), but nobody thought about the customer.

    I’ll give you rocket scientists a hint RED, and GREEN.

        1. I’ll help you out because John was upset and left a few words out, but John was saying Buchla could’ve picked colors more easily viewable by people who have difficulty distinguishing between the colors used in the product.

          No one said anything about black knobs and jacks, just different more widely viewable colors.

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