Sequential Pro 3 Updated With User Wavetable Import

Sequential has announced a major enhancement to the Pro 3 monophonic synthesizer, adding support for user-created wavetables.

“How do you make an awesome-sounding hybrid synth even better?” asks Sequential founder Dave Smith. “By letting users import their own wavetables. We hope users get crazy with it.”

Sequential’s web-based utility Wavetable Generator lets you convert up to 16 single-cycle waves into a Pro 3 compatible wavetable and then load it into to any of the 32 user wavetable slots on the synth. This significantly expands the sound palette of the instrument.

Custom wavetables are generated as SysEx files that can be archived and shared with other Pro 3 owners. To use the feature, users will need to upgrade to version 1.1 of the Pro 3 operating system, available on the Support page of Sequential’s website. Both the Wavetable Generator utility and OS upgrade are provided free of charge to Pro 3 owners.

13 thoughts on “Sequential Pro 3 Updated With User Wavetable Import

  1. > letting users import their own wavetables.
    > We hope users get crazy with it.

    nope, thank you very much. too complicated. í´m still happy with my motif xf6.

  2. I think the Pro 3 is an amazing synth but a mono single timbre instrument at this price level and this size is a hard buy for me.

    The notion of a new Sequential instrument that is going to be announced soon while the Tempest is retired got me reserving money for hopes and dreams of what it could be.
    Sequentials sort of nerdy vintage looking designs and very usable sounding voices are dear to me. My hope is for a small multi timbre instrument with integrated effects, sequencer and the Tempest/Pro3 like display interfaces with endless encoders, and Dave that will go CRAZY!! with the rest of the specs.

    1. I know, right? The Sequential analog REV2 16 voice poly synth with a five octave keyboard only costs $300 more than the standard Pro 3 mono synth and is less $ than the Pro 3 special edition version.

    2. Reading the Sequential Pro3 forums has me seriously questioning any possibility that they will ever come out with a complex sequencing device again. The Pro3 cannot do realtime recording and the programmer makes it sound like very complex to add. Just doesn’t strike me like they’ve figured these things out yet, and possibly never will.

    3. I think this could have moved from the real of “nice but yikes that price” to “a bit of a stretch but I’ll take the plunge” by tweaking the capabilities somewhat:

      – two digital and two analogue oscillators
      – mixing the four via vector joystick, with recording of motions
      – the ability to have true duophony by running the two digital oscillators through one filter and the two VCOs through another, or bung all four through both in parallel or series.

  3. It’s nice to have the option, but I kinda prefer my 1986 Prophet VS which also allows the importation of single cycle waveforms, but is also 8 voice polyphonic, duotimbral, and has full guitar mode support.

    And, though importing your own waveforms is great, even cooler is what the Minilogue XD allows, which is to write your own oscillators and effects with almost no limitations at all.

    I’d encourage Dave to move in that direction of supporting user plugins.

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