Elektron Model:Cycles Hands-On Review

In the latest Sonic Lab review, Edd Butterworth takes a look at the Elektron Model:Cycles groovebox.

The Model:Cycles is a six-track, FM-based groovebox. It features six FM-based machines: Kick, Snare, Metal (a “flexible metallic voice for hi-hats, cymbals and more”), Perc, Tone, and the four-voice Chord.

Elektron’s ‘Model’ line is their most affordable gear. While it loses many of the capabilities of its higher-end Elektron counterparts, the line also arguable gains in immediacy and ease of use.

The Model:Cycles is available with a street price of about $300 USD.

 Video Summary:

“Model:Cycles is a six voice FM Groovebox which uses the concept of machines, like many Elektron instruments, with the focus on FM synthesis. The sequencer follows the Elektron concept of parameter locking – which they have pioneered and made extremely usable – with each step (up to 64) being an independent state or snapshot.”

8 thoughts on “Elektron Model:Cycles Hands-On Review

    1. I just got one – a lot of fun but takes a little getting used to if you are used to grooveboxes like electribes etc, funny enough with all of the complex stuff on it i find the most complicated thing the fact that the chromatic keys are simply monochrome and numbered rather than having b/w key indications and you cannot (as of now) set the key and scale so it isn’t as intuitive as I would like to be able to punch something out in key at a glance

  1. Do any of the machines have the ability to pass an FM ratio through a filter? The only reference to a filter I see in the manual is on the chord machine which, if I’m understanding correctly, is not FM.

    1. Most mono synths have the ability to run external signals through the filter. It gets more complicated on polys. I think the Moog One can, but nothing else comes to mind.
      As far as FM using filters – True old school digital FM shouldn’t really NEED filters, but that doesn’t mean they CAN’T use filters. And don’t we all like filters?

    2. I’m sorry, I miss read your question. I thought you said FM RADIO!
      I’m not sure what you mean by FM ratio. Do you mean modulating filter cutoff at audio rates?

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