Making Music With The Moog Subharmonicon

In his video, Jeremy Blake (Red Means Recording) shares his thoughts on making music with the Moog Subharmonicon.

Video Summary:

“Music is rhythm, pitch, pitch relationships, and timbre. The Moog Harmonicon is a great example of how these all come together in one of the most interesting performance synthesizers I’ve touched.”

Here’s a follow up video, which captures an extended synth jam, featuring the Subharmonicon:

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

“Improv on the Moog Subharmonicon and Elektron Digitakt at 120 BPM. Poly Digit provides reverb and delay.”

2 thoughts on “Making Music With The Moog Subharmonicon

  1. I really like the sound and creative possibilities of the Subharmonicon, but how easy is it to incorporate it into a multi-synth live set-up? Wouldn’t it be tricky keeping it in key?

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