Ambient Cinematic Soundscape With The Waldorf Iridium

This track, by KMN04, was made with a single patch on the Waldorf Iridium synthesizer, played with Touchscaper for iPad.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“This is a 6 minute video, but if you have the patience to listen all the way through there’s a lot of change and evolution present.

This is a single patch, all I’m doing it while playing is adjusting the virtual mod wheel and the levels of the three oscillators. Yet there’s so much change in the sound. And I don’t know what other (hardware) synth I could use to get this sci-fi soundscape.

I have a Virus TI which is excellent, and excels at deep space dark ambiences, but I find it doesn’t have the same level of evolution of a single patch which the Iridium does. I also have the Wavestate which is great for constantly evolving soundscapes, but they tend to sound much more new-age.

The Iridium is like the darkness from the TI combined with the evolution possible with the Wavestate.”

12 thoughts on “Ambient Cinematic Soundscape With The Waldorf Iridium

  1. The original price of a Juno 60 in 1982 would be $4,300 in 2020 money. I can not afford an Irridium currently, but it certainly seems worth $2,200.

  2. You do have a loose “right” to $2k worth of love from a $2k+ synth, but you’re not a good candidate for an Iridium if you’re even asking. Its a monster, especially if you feed it new WAVs for the granular engine, for example. I know the price is dear, but I’ve dropped $99 on softsynths and $3100 on a honking big workstation. Didn’t waste a penny either time. Besides, you know you’re dying to buy the next thing while your friends and family look at you as if you suddenly grew bat wings. Small, tasteful ones, but hey, they’ll never understand.

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