Eventide Intros Eno & Lanois Inspired ShimmerVerb

Eventide has introduced ShimmerVerb for VST, AU, AAX, and AUv3 – a new plugin inspired by the ‘shimmer’ effect pioneered by Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“ShimmerVerb combines a massively lustrous reverb with parallel pitch shifters to add ethereal layers making any signal, well, ‘shimmer.’

Oftentimes, producers would achieve the effect by using Eventide pitch-shifting hardware such as the H910, H949, or H3000 or other rack mount units in combination with a reverb. This production technique was popularized by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno on U2’s The Unforgettable Fire.

Now, this iconic sound has been refined and extended with a modern, unified interface that is great for adding dreamy ambiance to guitars, keys, synths, samples, and vocals.”


  • Reverb plug-in with parallel pitch-shifters on the reverb tail
  • Easily pitch with perfect fourths, fifths, and octaves
  • MicroPitch tuning available around perfect intervals
  • Four octaves of pitch shifting (from two octaves down to two octaves up)
  • Delay pitched signals up to one second or sync them to your DAW’s tempo
  • FEEDBACK determines how much delayed signal is fed back into the input of the reverb
  • Low, Mid, and High cross-over network determines which frequencies are fed back
  • FREEZE holds the current state of the reverb in a smeared texture
  • The RIBBON allows for real-time modification of several parameters at once
  • HOTSWITCH allows for instant switching between two sets of parameters within one preset

Pricing and Availability

ShimmerVerb is available now with an intro price of $39.

10 thoughts on “Eventide Intros Eno & Lanois Inspired ShimmerVerb

      1. Never had any issues using software-only iLok with my Eventide plugin suite, and this one is a great addition. PLUS, there’s an iOS version available, so my iPad is slowly but surely taking on duties as a second H9 to use with my hardware & software synths.

        Good stuff!!

          1. I never had an issue too but if you see a cracked vst from eventide faster loading than the original iLok version than you might think about that iLok is useless… Google it if you dont believe.

  1. Major bungle by Eventide there. The effect first made its debut on Eno and Lanois’ collaboration ‘Apollo’ way before U2 got anywhere near it, if they did at all. But I guess the biggest question is does the world really need yet another shimmer reverb? Getting a bit of a cliché now.

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