Implexus Complex Generator Audio Demo

Majella Audio shared this audio sneak preview of their upcoming Implexus Complex Audio generator.

The Implexus is a one-knob-per-function hardware synthesizer that the developers say combines ‘west coast’ and ‘east coast’ synthesis approaches. It offers analog waveshaping, folding and audio rate modulation to allow a wide range of sounds and textures.

Audio Demos:

Majella Audio plans to do the initial production run via a Kickstarter campaign. Details on pricing and availability are to come.

8 thoughts on “Implexus Complex Generator Audio Demo

  1. East Coast / West Coast ? In Europe we have the term ” Berlin School” to roll our bored eyes at. This synth sounds good and looks good .Does it by any chance have memories.?

      1. What a convenient and elegant solution…..what does knob per function have anything to do with patch memory. Blimey man, it’s 2020!

        1. with one knob per function, you can see the patch, so I find I can use my visual memory. Plus there are not _that_ many settings to recall. Also, with one knob per function, recalling a patch (if you do have memories) is usually confusing because the knobs end up wrong.

          But I do get that patch memories are crucial in many scenarios, e.g. if you are gigging as a keyboard player in a band.

        2. You can’t have discrete analog control and digital patch memory. Designing in patch recall requires ADC and DAC conversion, usually at 10 or 12-bit resolution.

          But, yeah, I get your point. I have a late-1990s instrument with 128 voices and massive patch memory. Fast forward 2 decades and “new” instruments force me to use patch cords or scribble on patch sheets like I’m a refugee from 1973.

    1. “berlin school” is more a way of playing/composing on synths than a synthesis method, so i dunno what you mean by that. but regardless, it does look neat!

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