Kinesotronic Intros Refractor, A New Max For Live Device For Performing With Modular & Analog Gear

Kinesotronic has introduced Refractor, a new Max for Live device designed for performing with modular synthesizers and CV/MIDI hardware and software.

Refractor was created by Chris Pratt (Ableton Certified Trainer) and Matt Ward (dBs Music Electronic Music Production Programme Leader), and is designed to offer Ableton Live users expressive control, modulation and transformation via CV and MIDI.

Refractor can be used with a DC-coupled soundcard or the Expert Sleepers range, and lets you convert MIDI inputs into 8 shapeable channels of CV, MIDI or internal mapping within Live.


  • Precision macro control of musical parameters (any hardware capable of accepting control voltage signals or MIDI CCs, Ableton Live devices, virtual instruments and effects)
  • Distribution for a range of input sensors (MIDI mappable) to 8 x CV destinations
  • Gesture Recorder
  • Full customizable envelope based control of output shapes via function editor
  • Visual feedback via three output monitors
  • CV output routing
  • Preset management for instant recall and MIDI triggering of settings
  • Direct/convergent mapping mode
  • Internal parameter mapping
  • Customizable interface
  • Modular: Expandable to 64 simultaneous (individually shapeable) control signals

Here’s a look at shaping and routing CV with Refractor:

Pricing and Availability:

Refractor (+ Free MIDI expander) is available with an intro price of £15.00 (normally £20.00).

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