Reason Studios Intros Friktion Physical Modeling String Synthesizer

Reason Studios has introduced Friktion Modeled Strings, a new string synthesizer that’s based on physical modeling.

Because it’s based on physical modeling, Friktion can be used to create the sounds of real-world instruments, or be used to create sounds that go beyond what’s possible with real-world instruments.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Friktion is a physical modeling string instrument from Reason Studios. Instead of relying on gigabytes of samples, Friktion is a synthesizer that actually models real string instruments. With clever control keys you can easily play it in a way that simply sounds real. Whether it’s a violin or an imaginary space harp is up to you.”


  • Advanced physical modeling string synthesizer
  • Way beyond samples—full control over every aspect of the sound and performance
  • Control keys for realistic expression using just a MIDI keyboard
  • Comprehensive articulation including bowing, pluck, tremolo, legato, vibrato and much more
  • Tweak your sound to perfection, or go beyond what a real instrument could
  • Comes with 140+ patches, from classic instruments to brand new sounds

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

Friktion Modeled Strings is available now for $99 USD.

8 thoughts on “Reason Studios Intros Friktion Physical Modeling String Synthesizer

  1. I really love this kind of synthesis. Sculpture does it pretty well.

    This seems even more full featured. I really like the pitch related features.

    I’m not a Reason user, so I’ll need to miss this one. But it looks quite cool.

      1. Ah. Well, that’s cool news.

        I have AAS String Studio, which is cool. But it doesn’t depart as successfully from the Karplus Strong kinds of tones as this seems to.

      2. stub and Thomas, you don’t need to miss out on Friktion as Reason runs as a plugin in any DAW now. 🙂

        1. That is a reasonable option (sorry!). But I’d strongly prefer the a la carte approach. Though there might be other things I’d find interesting in Reason, it might not be worth it for me.

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