iPad Patch Editor For The Novation Circuit Now In Beta

Developer Yurii Zubkov shared this video demo of using his iPad patch editor for the Novation Circuit, Circuitry.

Circuitry can be used both as a patch editor and as performance MIDI controller for the Circuit.

Here’s an demo of the application, via VolcaNiced:

Circuitry is now in beta. If you’re and Apple TestFlight users, you can participate in the beta by following this link on your iPad.

If you’ve tried Circuitry, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it.

13 thoughts on “iPad Patch Editor For The Novation Circuit Now In Beta

  1. This is just perfect. I tested it out this weekend with my first gen iPad Pro 12. It worked flawlessly. It finally does what I have been wanting since the first day I had my circuit. Complete access to its synthesis.

  2. So far so good. To be able to edit and SAVE patches on the go is amazing.
    I wasn’t able to overwrite patches Names on the ipad, but maybe that’s on me.
    This could open even more possibilities on modulation options, like oscillator and lfo destinations. Or even use the different sequencers across the synths or sampler ( while the ipad is connected).
    Great work from Yurii!

  3. Maybe a bit of an unpopular opinion, but if you have to have your ipad in front of you anyway, why buy a circuit? The ipad can do all a circuit can and more.. :S

    1. The circuit has knobs and pads. The iPad just has a slippery glass screen. It might not seem like a critical difference, but it makes a massive difference when it comes to using the device live.

  4. Just a short note for those who come by in search of an IPad editor for Circuit patches:
    I just released a new Editor based on touchOSC, which
    – works with both Circuit Tracks and OG Circuit
    – supports Novation LaunchControl XL and Akai MidiMix for sound editing
    – provides a patch manager and a patch generator
    You can get a copy or download a demo here: https://payhip.com/deepsounds
    Here are some more details: https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/58072/new-novation-circuit-editor-based-on-touchosc-yessss-it-works-on-ipad-d#latest

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