8 thoughts on “Istanbul Ghetto Club Live In Berlin

  1. bouzouki is a greek instrument. turks and greeks are not friends, as you can hear in the news right now. i guess this is a saz. better correct.

    1. nonsense.

      first of all greeks and turks have always been good friends and still are. all conflict between these countries historically is always imposed from above by politicians, never from the people. since 1000s of years.

      second, “saz” just means instrument in Turkish. and this particular saz is a Turkish instrument called baglama.

  2. i love it!…

    and @ jörg dittmar: turks and greeks people don´t have a problem with each other…politicans maybe!

    anyway…great music..Istanbul Ghetto Club!!!

  3. They play a greek melody “prin to xarama” with a turkish instrument. So i guess they are friends… @jörg dittmar @southpole

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