New Russian Drum Machine, AVP Ritmobox, Inspired By 70s-80s Classics

AVP Synth has introduced the Ritmobox, a compact analog drum synthesizer, inspired by the drum machines of the 70s & 80s, with a built-in 8-step sequencer and MIDI.

It features 37 controls, 3 switches and 14 buttons, to give you wide control over the sound parameters, sequencer and MIDI. It also has individual audio outputs for each of the five sounds and a mix output.

Each unit is built in Moscow, using discrete through-hole components and OTA chips.


  • Fully analog, discrete components
  • 5 individual sound channels: CH, OH, 3 separate Generators (G1, G2, G3) with noise generators and LFO modulations
  • 37 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options
  • 8-step analog sequencer with ability to program 16 steps
  • Up to 16 steps preset loading/saving slots
  • TAP and Mute/Unmute functions
  • MIDI In/MIDI Out
  • 3.5 mm individual outs
  • 6.3 mm mix output
  • 6.3 mm headphones output
  • Steel casing

Ritmobox Demo:

Pricing and Availability:

The Ritmobox is available for pre-order for 550 €.

24 thoughts on “New Russian Drum Machine, AVP Ritmobox, Inspired By 70s-80s Classics

  1. kinda reminding me of that long lost Rozzbox synth from the early 00s

    which was an object of desire that i was unable to procure

    to my great dismay

    1. It’s 16 and you can probably chain up to 16 of them , They are not trying to be clear as possible for the impatient. I Like it 🙂
      Anyway. I could do without the sequencer at all.

  2. There’s a lot to be said for fun and form factor, but jeez, this does not sound particularly good… I do like the hi hats but overall this is flops completely sound design-wise. I hope someone can coax something more compelling out of it than these demo vids because it does look like a fun machine.

  3. This sounds very unique to me and something I would consider getting. I’ve only heard the classic drum machines like the 808, 909, Lin drum, Simmons etc. The only con is the price of it.

  4. I think the price point here is right, if you consider what you actually get in the box:
    4 x analog audio modules
    1 X Sequencer

    But honestly, I could live without their sequencer and then they could cut 100 € off, like AVP mad-5 < Just my opinion…

  5. I think if they priced it at $400 and gave it 16 dedicated steps it would be almost guaranteed to be successful. As it is now, it’s just an expensive hihat machine

  6. Kinda getting shades of that Korg Gadget Tokyo drum machine?

    Kinda neat, wouldn’t get it as a primary drum machine, but maybe for the more experimentive.

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  7. Been messing with this for a few days…… The sounds are incredible and very unique. Beautifully made too. Sequencing it via Ableton Push

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