Faithless Back With ‘Synthesizer’ (Music Video)

Official music video for the new Faithless track, Synthesizer, featuring Nathan Ball.

“However much I love you baby….I love my synthesizer more.”

The video features lots of great sci fi visuals, with influences from Metropolis to Blade Runner to Jean Giraud, with a side of 80’s neon color.

The track comes from their new album, All Blessed, which is coming out on October 23rd.

6 thoughts on “Faithless Back With ‘Synthesizer’ (Music Video)

  1. Old, unreliable, tatty round the edges but full of good memories and irreplaceable now…….that’s enough about the girlfriend.

  2. I went to see Faithless in Dublin in 1995 (I think). They were a huge hit in Ireland at the time. But they only really had one song. Insomniac. It was being played everywhere. Nightclubs, raves and even on the radio. It quickly became a party anthem. A fantastic tune and an absolute floor filler. Faithless came to Dublin and played in The Point depot. A large venue notorious for late night rave gigs. Every raver and gouger in Dublin was at that gig and Faithless came out and immediately played Insomniac. The place went mental. What a tune! However they then started to play some of their other tunes, many of which are more downtempo, chill numbers. The crowd wasn’t having it. They had come for a rave. They booed and heckled so much the band had to stop playing. After 10 minutes of this, they decided to just play Insomniac three times in a row and then left. The gig was about half an hour long. Good times!

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