NI Komplete 13 New Synths, Effects & More

Native Instruments has announced KOMPLETE 13, a major update to the flagship software synth collection.


NI says that their KOMPLETE bundles are up to 90% off the price of the individual products.  Details on the available bundles, along with demos of the each of the new synths and plugins, are available at the NI site.

Pricing and Availability:

Komplete 13 and Guitar Rig 6 Pro are available to pre-order now (with release on October 1st, 2020) with the following pricing:

  • Komplete 13 Select: 199 USD/EUR, 169 GBP.
  • Komplete 13: 599 USD/EUR, 499 GBP.
  • Komplete 13 Ultimate: 1,199 USD/EUR, 999 GBP.
  • Komplete 13 Ultimate Collector’s Edition: 1,599 USD/EUR, 1,349 GBP.
  • Guitar Rig 6 Pro Full version: 199 USD/EUR, 179 GBP.
  • Guitar Rig 6 Pro Upgrade: 149 USD/EUR, 129 GBP.
  • Guitar Rig 6 Pro Update: 99 USD/EUR, 89 GBP.

40 thoughts on “NI Komplete 13 New Synths, Effects & More

  1. I will stay on Komplete 11 for another year or two, because there’s no point spending hundreds on an update for only a couple of new instruments that I will use. NI has painted themselves into a bit of a corner.

    1. I kind of agree, except that some people haven’t updated in years (Like me) and may join this round as I get everything else that has been in the versions Ive missed. But yes if they want everyone to upgrade everytime you are correct.

    2. This gets said every time there’s a Komplete update. I’m sure only a few with lots of disposable income update every time. I would guess most purchase every 3-4 updates, if they purchase any updates, and then those who are just getting into production (or getting more serious about it) buy Komplete new.

      Personally, I am uninterested until everything gets a GUI update with scalable interfaces. I find it’s not worth it to work with almost any NI instruments on a 5k 27″ monitor.

      1. I upgraded from Komplete 6 to 11, which was a significant leap. GUI updates would encourage me to move to a new version, but I doubt they’re going to revisit all of their old software just for that.

    3. I’m in the same boat. I don’t care anything about their sample-based stuff, so upgrading every year is meh.

      Also, 10000% on the scalable UI.

  2. NI, what happened? Mmm… I want the super mega total supreme deluxe ultimate pro full collector edition…so glad to have 2000 gig of samples…pfff

  3. I can totally agree with the ambivalence about Komplete 13 in terms of cost/content/weigh of sample libraries, but Guitar Rig 6 looks absolutely phenomenal. It’s odd that it seems to include so many staples of NI’s effect offerings for what seems like a crazy discount: the entire solid series, vintage compressor pack, the effect packs, the reverbs, etc. If those use the same algos/tech as the standalone plugins, the cost difference is staggering, and I struggle to see why anyone would spring for the full versions instead of just going for Guitar Rig 6 and having access to the same effects (i mean, it might require multiple instances of GR to get the same effects chain flexibility, but that’s a minor cost)

  4. Komplete release feel like iPhone release now. I skipped 11, and will skip this one. The Massive X delay was unacceptable as a business practice IMO.

  5. It’s a lot of ‘stuff’. Most people will probably find about a quarter of it useful. I have KU11 from one of the sales way back, I haven’t even bothered installing half of it.

  6. Native Instruments to discontinue long list of products, meaning they can’t be reinstalled on new computers
    By Ben Rogerson (Computer Music, Future Music) March 10, 2020

    Versions of Absynth, Battery, Reaktor, Guitar Rig and Traktor will be culled on 31 May

    This is why I will never give another penny to Native Instruments.

      1. I didn’t post anything about “support.”
        I could care less about “support”
        NOT asking for support just want to be able to mind my own business and reinstall software I PAID for when my legacy computer running my older software needed a new a hard drive.

        Also where did I post I was “pissed”? Giving my $$$ to companies that purposely make previous software I paid for unusable is something I choose not to do. Feel free to do whatever you want.

      2. No one’s talking about supporting old products on contemporary operating systems. C’mon, “Will,” you know better than that. N.I. made a promise in their own terms of service that they’ve broken.

      3. I’m kinda pissed at that, if more software companies supported the amiga ca you imagine the power we could have now? And yes Will you being an A** you should know better.

  7. I have CONSISTENTLY had installation problems with the Komplete Mega-Giga-KitchenSink editions, across multiple PCs. Something about their software decompression causes what APPEARS to be a memory leak and the subsequent failure of their installation routines. And yes, I’ve certainly tried different RAM. In every case, it’s a blue screen….UNLESS you install a few bits, stop the installer and restart, then install a few more. Larger packages will cause failures all by themselves, but you can get multiple smaller installations to complete successfully. Manual installation of the packages doesn’t solve this. NI has been unresponsive for three years, both in direct contact and on their forums. I’ve been tempted to load up a debugger and try to tell them what’s actually happening, but I just couldn’t get chuffed enough to take the time. Naturally, this doesn’t happen on a Mac.

    1. Works fine on my Windows 10 PC – and Native Access has been a big improvement over the previous installers.The key with my installs with NI products seems to be to have ONLY Native Access running, nothing else.

      Too many variables for any software to work 100% on every PC without issues, unfortunately ~
      And from what I’ve seen on the NI (and other software) forums, Mac users have their own share of problems.

  8. I guess I would ask, “How good is the Cremona Quartet, Stradivarius and a couple of others?” I purchased Arkhis already, but there are definitely some libraries I’d like and the combined cost of my upgrade is still cheaper than buying this particular libraries separately. I’ll definitely have to give this some thought. It’s definitely NOT a must have.

  9. NI has generated too much drama. They offer many great instruments, no question, but the various abandonments & left-field issues keep me away. Anyone else now using your KORE unit as a board support for tabletop gear that works properly?

    No one has orphaned as many tools. No, you can’t support everything forever & users (incl. me) largely accept it as part of Software World, but when I think NI, its for the friction factor, not for their stability. I sometimes regret missing out on a Kontakt-only 3rd-party instrument, but not enough to take a $500 risk on it. A shame, as the Una Corda is a fine piece of work.

    1. Just to be clear I have never bothered NI with any support issues going all the way back to my purchase of Pro-five which was then distributed by Steinberg back in the day(1999?) and which I still have.

      Over the last 20 years I have spent thousands of dollars on NI software. I could list it all but who cares lol. Point is, although I have many new fancy music and graphics computers on both Mac and PC I still have an old Dell desktop running XP with all my old legacy software which I still love to use. When I had to replace the HD and couldn’t reinstall my old NI stuff was the ONLY time I ever contacted Support because I couldn’t reinstall all my old versions. When I found out they purposefully made all my legacy software unusable, I decided they would never get another penny from me. It’s not about being “pissed” lol it’s about supporting companies that don’t make my previous purchases worthless.
      JMO, and people can buy what they want.

  10. I have been using Native Instruments Komplete for some years. Never had a problem. Like others, there are programs I use and others I don’t. For the price, it’s a great deal. I use something in Komplete in most songs. I still think it is a great product and will still support them on updates. I don’t upgrade every time, but most certainly every other time.. .

  11. Not being in the target audience for Guitar Rig 6, I was prepared to be underwhelmed. The demo makes me more deeply unimpressed than I thought I would be. And then, thinking about the company behind this update, I’m scratching my head about where NI’s heading, on the software side. Not promising at all.

  12. I still don´t get why the Kontakt plugin does not support Light Guide. It is so frustrating having to load Kontakt into Komplete Kontrol in order to use this feature which was *only* developed for Kontakt. Nobody can tell me that it requires magic to send light guide informations to the Komplete Keyboards without having to load Komplete Kontrol (which I honestly dislike).

  13. I agree this looks great value for money and some awesome synths and libraries in there. However I am really pissed at NI. I upgraded to Komplete 12 Ultimate from 11 Ultimate less than 48 hours before this was announced and now to upgrade again I have to pay the same upgrade fee again. If I had waiting 48 hours I would have only had to pay once. I would have hoped they would either have taken upgrade paths down so close to a release or at least offer some kind of grace period. But then this is NI we are talking about

    1. I wonder if they’d help you out if you contacted them directly? I know nothing of their customer service, but I know other companies often hook people up in similar situations as yours.

  14. I am too a Kore orphan. This was a big disappointment. I have complete 12, and I think that I will wait for the next iteration this time. Or I will fall in the trap of buying it on rebate, just before they release Komplete 14…

  15. Yeah, as a 2-time purchaser of the whole NI package, I likely won’t put money towards them again. When they decided to stop supporting the re-installation of software that I’ve already purchased, and it still runs fine on the current version of Windows, I realized it was time to spend my money someplace else. And that’s sad because they have made some seriously cool products (FM7 was my first softsynth!).

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