Moog Matriarch Patching Concepts & Techniques

In the latest Sonic Lab video, Sonic State modular specialist Edd Butterworth takes a look at some of the modular patching possibilities of the Moog Matriarch synthesizer.

If you’ve got your own tips for the Matriarch, share them in the comments!

Video Summary:

“We recently reviewed the Moog Matriarch for Sonic LAB – the semi-modular four oscillator paraphonic synthesizer with stereo filter and delay. Modular specialist Edd Butterworth also got his hands on it and explored the patching concepts made possible by the inclusion of the 3 attenuverters. Often in semi-modular synths, these are overlooked, but can often unlock more complex and creative techniques for the synthesist.

The patching that they allow opens up the power of modular synthesise and are used by Edd to introduce some interesting patching concepts that can be used in any synthesis environment.”

One thought on “Moog Matriarch Patching Concepts & Techniques

  1. Thanks for this, Ed. One thing that’s difficult for a beginner is that the full patches are not explained here — just the parts of them that are related to the attenuverters, and there’s a good amount of mystery as to what else is going on. It would be very helpful to have each patch clearly illustrated in a pic, or at the very least clearly colored patch cables where we can see precisely what’s going where. Otherwise I don’t get to learn what’s going on in full and I feel frustrated.

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