Arturia Intros KeyStep 37 ‘Slimkey’ Controller

Arturia today introduced the KeyStep 37, the latest controller in their KeyStep line.

The KeyStep 37 offers Chord mode, Scale mode, real-time LED note feedback, MIDI CC control and more, with USB, MIDI and CV connectivity in a ‘Slimkey’ format.


  • 37-note Slimkey keyboard, with velocity, aftertouch and real-time RGB LED indicators
  • Sequencer and arpeggiator – Sequence up to 64-steps with 8-note polyphony and 8 custom pattern slots, or explore 8 modes of arpeggiation.
  • Chord mode – Generate chord sequences that respond to your velocity, with 12 chord types, and animate your chords with the articulate instrument-like strum control.
  • Scale mode – ‘Quantize’ the keyboard, choosing from 5 scales, including a user-defined scale
  • Assignable MIDI CC controls – Interact with your hardware and software with 16 assignable MIDI CC parameters across 4 switchable banks, accessible via a new control panel and screen.
  • Versatile connectivity – Connect to your computer, your desktop MIDI synths, or your CV & modular gear for simultaneous control over hardware and software.

Pricing and Availability

The Arturia KeyStep 37 controller is available now for $199 USD.

3 thoughts on “Arturia Intros KeyStep 37 ‘Slimkey’ Controller

  1. I’m glad they expanded it, the keys really do feel better than any other mini I’ve played besides the Yamaha Refaces, and they sadly do not all have pitch and mod that transmit over usb.

    Only thing that makes me roll my eyes here is all the panel space that went into the over complicated chord mode… more silliness for people who go around telling people they’re dance music producers. Maybe if you play music on keyboards just learn to play chords.

    Cool that they also send MIDI CCs. Would have been really nice if they put a few of their digital LFOs like on the Brutes on there with CV outs… any semi modular you’re using this to control will always benefit from having a few more LFOs with attenuators around

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