19 Custom Sounds On The Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Synthesizer

French synthesist Valmont shared this video demo of 19 custom sounds on the vintage Sequential Prophet 600, played thru a Strymon Big Sky reverb effects pedal.

Behringer recently officially introduced a knockoff of the Prophet 600, in module format, the Behringer Pro-800.

The Prophet-600 used in the video has no GliGli installed, so the demo reflects the capabilities of an original Prophet 600.

Video timing:

0:00 – Very 600 Strings
0:18 – PolyMod Filter
0:46 – Synclavier spirit
0:56 – CS80 spirit
1:33 – PW Synth
1:50 – Fat Brazz
2:02 – Unison 1
2:22 – PolyMod Osc B
2:36 – Future Bass
2:55 – Unison 2
3:12 – More Sawtooth
3:23 – Minimoog spirit
3:53 – Portamento Pad
4:08 – House Chords Mode
4:32 – Thru some presets
4:42 – Saw Chords
5:21 – Yellow Notes
5:45 – Chillax Strings
6:05 – Unison 3

6 thoughts on “19 Custom Sounds On The Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Synthesizer

  1. I bought some 3rd-party sounds for mine that showed it off far above the presets. It was never a wide-range sound-design synth, but it was great for pads and leads. Big synth-organs as well. I’d love to know how many people who had P-600s now own a Prophet-6. I’ve had my share of gear, but the P-600 is still high on my list of really fun synths. Once I started running it through delays & reverbs, it took off.

  2. My live set up back in the day was 2 Pro Ones, 2 CZ-1000s, a Juno 60 and a Prophet 600, I loved the Prophet 600 and though the membrane pads eventually got temperamental it was what I could afford and worked for my needs quite nicely,

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